2018: I Guess That Happened!


I love to see you end and I love it even more to let you go.

January 2018

2018 didn’t exactly start on a great note. While everyone was making merry and counting down to the New Year, we were trying to come to terms with the loss of a loved one. Things didn’t exactly pick up and in true Muthoni fashion, I distracted myself.

I worked on the house. Painted it, made new furniture, fixed up some shelves, made concrete plant pots, drank tea and kept creating when I could.

March 2018

Had my bad days but still fought.

April 2018

At one point I worked so much, my body shut down. My creative juices were on a low and I wasn’t exactly motivated to do much. I struggled for a second. Fought within myself and just when I thought I was seeing the light, I got sick. H pylori and Typhoid. At the same darn time!
The worst bit wasn’t even being sick, but the meds. They would knock me out a good one. They made me useless as I spent most of my days sleeping or super drowsy.

May 2018

July 2018

Then my birthday popped by. A decade of adulting (been writing this post since August but it’s dropping this week) and I just started looking at my life from a different angle. Well… to be honest I only did this when a project I was excited about kicked my ass but still taught me so much.

August 2018 (aka Birthday Month)

From the moment I turned 28, it has been a completely new journey. I have learnt so much about the human brain, life in general and then some. I have been studying a lot more and even did something I always knew I could but didn’t exactly push myself to do it. Reading two books in one week.

Dope, right?

I started watching a lot of local content thanks to Showmax. If you want to watch what Kenyans have been creating for the last 3 years or so, you should consider Showmax.

November 2018

Took a deliberate social media break. Man, it was just amazing! Let me tell you how this happened.
I used to spend a lot of time online, mostly due to the nature of my work. I do love the internet. But, a lot of the times, I would find myself feeling sad after going through my feed.

There was so much happening and most of it was just surrounded by negative energy. There was way too much negativity. I tried unfriending but then it started feeling like a job and I honestly didn’t have time for it.  So, I decided I would not go online until I could control how that stuff made me feel.

And here I am.

November 2018

I am at a great place. Almost nothing gets to me. Very few things get to me and only if they are things I have invested in. Everything else feels like noise and I have learned how to tune it out. I laugh a lot more these days. I smile for no particular reason and it feels amazing.

Nothing can disturb you unless you give it the permission to.

That was my greatest lesson of 2018.

In 2019, we kick names and take ass!

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