2020: Let’s Do This?

Happy new year!

I know that’s how we are supposed to start off every conversation for the next week. Of course there’s those special people who walk around Happy New Yearing e’body in Feb. Please get a life this decade 😂😂😂

Any whooooooo…
I had started working on this post last week but I was in such a bad place that it went dark on the second sentence.

Get that negative energy away from me!

After taking some time to find myself, let’s give this a go.


Let’s be honest, last year wasn’t the best for most of us. Of course, different reasons but still… 2019 sucked! But… heeeeeey, we made it. We are here.

It started off all hopeful. Then, things took over and I was constantly stressed. I really tried but the frustration wouldn’t let me win.

I don’t want to go on and on about all the turandom things that had me ready to rip my hair out. It wasn’t all bad.
All my plans didn’t come to pass but the ones that did, were everything.

Us moving was my highlight. I didn’t get my jeep but hey, I’m still here. Universe do your thing.

Worked on a project for 7 months only to be told stories. Looking back, I’m sort of glad this happened… not the not getting paid part. The frustrations and all the other stuff that reminded me, I was putting my energy and efforts in the wrong place.

The work I was doing, was work I could put into my own content creation. Hence the whole, ‘efforts in the wrong place’ feeling.

Once that drunk the water, I decided to shift the focus into ME. It was time to do what I love for myself. That way, even if it gets frustrating, I still get all the benefits.

Around October, I took the leap and went into full time digital content creation. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been fun.

I spent the last 3 month figuring my way around this not so new space and trying to find my footing. And I did. Finally finding my voice has been amazing. Not only is it something I enjoy doing, it’s something that is bringing me closer to more people and challenging me to grow my skills.

Moving Forward

Now that we are here, it’s important to move forward. This year I want to challenge myself on a whole new level. I want to add life and color into peoples homes. Love myself like I never have and put everything on the line.

all I want to do is WIN and share LOVE.

Of course I have other plans and all, but they all lead to this one thing. Winning. I want to just experience life differently and put myself first. Without doubts or second guessing.

This is going to be a year of many firsts. No more freelancing. It is time to bet on ME.

I hope this year brings you freedom, adventure, love and peace. Do what you have to but remember yourself. Even when in the storm. Remember who you are.



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