And you’re here. There’s a fire in your belly.I love that. I feel it too. I want to help you burn even brighter, beautiful.

But first, let me introduce myself properly. I’m Dyan Heffner.
I’m a writer, coach, speaker, seeker. I guide passion-fuelled women out of fear and uncertainty, and into lives, blogs and businesses they love (and truly desire).

Thanks you!

Must see

Africa Is NOT a DUMB Audience

Today we are talking about how dumb we think we are. Yeah, I know you are probably thinking, ‘Umm, I’m not dumb!’ That’s cute. And you are probably right. But then, there’s this thing...

Plan B: Was this it?

Wassup, wassup, wassup… Dearly beloved, We all know why we are gathered here today. This is the part you nod and acknowledge that you are here to see if I agree with what...

My 2019 Plans

It’s a New Year! This is something I only remember when someone shouts it at me as a form of greeting while walking the street or over the phone.  It has never...
A small human being with a big heart. Crazy about art and just crazy in general. 🙂