September 22, 2019


Meet Muthoni

Hey there love welcome to where I share my moments, hence Muthoni’s moments.

So, what do you wanna know about me?

I’m a twenty nine-year-old ex-spoken word performer turned struggling blogger/vlogger, who still insists on being thought of as a Digital Content Creator despite my short comings.

I’ve owned since my poetry performing days and would use it to share short stories and poetry. I developed it into a lifestyle blog in 2017 after having issues with the developer of my first lifestyle blog Takasafi (it’s a really long story).

Since then, I’ve written weird stories from my random life experiences, shared some of my deepest fears, opened us the darkest corners of my brain, and of late, my honest thoughts on Kenyan films.

I’ve covered everything from my DIY decor and skin care routine to outfit ideas to hauls to my gorgeous cats.

This blog is a place for having conversations about African films and also a place for the twenty-something Kenyan lady who owns their lifestyle.

My hope is that you will enjoy your time here.