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My hope is to distract you from my disappearing act but I have missed you. I haven’t been that motivated of late but you know adulating has to still happen. Today Nick voiced a DIY I did about a month ago. The details might not be super accurate there so here we go.

The house makeover has been going great and I only have 2 walls to go and the house will be complete. The living was looking good but I had this was that really needed something to happen.

It is the wall directly above the long end of the couch and I wanted a big canvas. Canvas paintings can be expensive so that is why I decided to make one myself.
I found this canvas at TBC and it just felt right. The first time I saw it, I stood there and stared at the empty canvas for about 20 minutes.

That is how I knew it was the one.

This was before I even knew what to do with the wall. So I was happy to finally get an idea.

This project is pretty simple and doesn’t require a lot. It will take a couple of minutes and you can hang it as it dries.

I did not prime the canvas because I was too eager to get started. That has not affected the canvas. My Instagram highlights have this process as well as how to add hooks and thread to hand the painting once done.

What You Need


This will be determined by the look you are going for. My house is mostly monochrome with copper accents. So my colors were black, white and the copper. I mixed the black powder paint with the white paint to make grey. For a bit of diversity, I made 2 shades of grey.

Paint Brush

I used a size 14 brush. But I am sure the sizes vary depending on the brand.


The canvas I got is 120cm x 80cm. This was after I measured the space I had and I wanted something that would take up most of the space. You can definitely make it larger or smaller.

Hooks & String

These will be used to hang the canvas painting once it’s ready.



If you want to prime your canvas that should be what you do first.

The process is very simple.

I used brush strokes in the same direction alternating the paint from the darkest to the lightest. After that I went in with the copper paint and added a couple of strokes using the thin end of the brush. From there you can confirm if the look is complete. If not, use less paint and add the final touches into the painting.

Once I was done, I added the hooks and hanged the hanging. It dried on the wall.

I really love the way it turned out and it really ties the living room together.


Muthoni Gitau
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