9 African TV Shows I’d Recommend

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You may have noticed I have been trying to share more content around the African film and TV scene. My aim is to keep sharing gems I find and talking about cool and not so cool things once in a while.

That being said, I decided to compile a list of some African shows I’d recommend and I will be updating this list whenever I find some new gems here and there.

These shows cut across genres and can be found on different streaming sites available in the country.

Every show I share is one I have watched and the opinions shared have not been influenced. I started watching most of these shows late last year and I hope you will like at least one or two of them.

This list is in no particular order.



  • Netflix
  • 1 season (10 episodes)
  • South Africa
  • English

Shadow is a crime drama based in South Africa that follows around a private investigator as he tries to help out his different clients. Shadow (the PI) often gets help from his bestie who also happens to be a police officer.

This show has a secondary story which was not well explored in my opinion. Shadow doesn’t feel. He literally can’t feel. Be it the physical touch or pain from a sharp knife’s stab. This is due to being struck by lightning as a child. On the other hand, he has a sister in a wheelchair and that brings about guilt. His life is dedicated to helping his sister and helping out those in tricky situations.

It’s a cool show if you are just looking for some action and you like crime dramas.


Skinny Girl in Transit

  • Youtube
  • 5 Seasons (13 episodes)
  • Nigeria
  • English

Let me be honest, I haven’t watched all 5 seasons of this show. I started watching it somewhere in the middle and when I noticed the plot was simple enough for me not to start from the beginning, I kept it moving.

This show is very simple and well executed. Tiwa is a young plus size woman navigating the world. The show tackles several issues that women face in everyday life. It focus on different women at different stages in life handling their different struggles.
As much as Tiwa is the main focus, every woman that watches this show, will see herself in one or several of the characters at one point in life.

I enjoy this show a lot and appreciate the fact that it is on a free and easy to access platform.


State House

  • Showmax
  • 1 season (13 episodes)
  • Kenya
  • English

This is a show that Wanuri Kahiu did for ZUKU a couple of years back. The show centered around politics and all the dirty tricks on how that game is played. It takes you into State House after Kajana has just been elected into office. He is a younger president compared to those that have held the position before him. The staff has to adopt to the new ways of doing things so as to please the new first family.

This show dives into how politics work and how different people influence decisions made in the governance of a country.

If you like political dramas, this is a good one to watch.

The River

  • Showmax
  • 2 seasons (260 episodes) (Currently on 2nd season)
  • South Africa
  • Tswana (English Subtitles)

If your plan is to watch it, I’d suggest you get started ASAP as you have over 300 episodes before you catch up.

The River follows two families from two very different worlds. One, Lindiwe’s, a mining mogul that has curved a place for herself in a world dominated by men. The other, Mokwena’s, a man with a good heart and intentions for his poor community.

The River is about greed, corruption and a woman so obsessed with money and power that she would do anything to keep it.

The first season was amazing. The second one, has been very slow and struggling at best. Even if you don’t watch the whole thing, the first season is a good one.


The Herd

  • Showmax
  • 2 seasons (13 episodes (Currently on 2nd season))
  • South Africa
  • IsiZulu (English subtitles)

The Herd is a country type show where you’ll see more cows than Iphones.

It tells the story of a man that wanted his daughter to have a great life and he was willing to pay the ultimate price. In doing so, he invites an unexpected person into his life and years later, his sins come back to haunt him.

This show has the old African traditional elements as well as new technology co-existing side by side.

I’m about to finish the first season but I can tell you this is one to watch. The acting is impeccable. It has great talent and a great story to match.


  • Showmax
  • 1 season (13 episodes)
  • Kenya
  • English/Swahili

Wrath is another Kenyan political drama from a couple of years back. Its premise if from a story that made headlines some years ago implicating a governor in the death of a campus student.

It follows the story of a newbie politician who starts out with the best intentions. Unfortunately, one mistake lands him in the world of favor and scratching backs. He struggles with finding his place.

A political drama with lots of scandals you’d expect. This show also has some talented actors and it’s pretty interesting to watch.


  • Showmax
  • 1 season (13 episodes)
  • South Africa
  • IsiZulu

Housekeepers is a stellar South African production. It is a story around housekeepers of the wealthy but with a deep twist. This one tells the story of a young woman forced to leave her job at a prestigious law firm to become a housekeeper. She does this to try and find justice for her mother.

A story about greed and justice told from the eyes of a housekeeper.

I loved this show so much I am still hoping for a second season. The amazing cast is just icing on the cake.

Think of Devious Maids meets Africa.

MTV Shuga

  • Showmax/Youtube
  • 6 Seasons (Only 5 on Showmax)
  • Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa

MTV Shuga is a show that has been to several parts of Africa trying to educate young people about HIV and Aids. The show started off at home and has moved on to other parts of Africa. I’d recommend this to mostly teenagers and parents trying to educate their young ones on matters of sex. Most of the actors in the latest seasons are pretty young but they still manage to grab your attention.

I know HIV/Aids isn’t big a topic as it was 10 years ago, but this is still a show worth checking out. I especially loved season 5.



  • YouTube/Showmax
  • 1 season (13 episodes)
  • South Africa
  • English

Ayeye is such a cool show I have watched it twice. I first found it on YouTube. It follows the story of 3 friends working in an advertising agency who also share a lot more than a loft apartment. The show explores not only their love lives, heartaches and ambitions but also their struggles at work and as friends.

This show makes you fall in love with the characters headfirst. Their filming technique is also super dope and adds a fun dynamic to the show. From struggles of getting off under his father’s shadow to making his own legacy, to trying to co-parent and even the breaking of the bro code.

This one will have you hooked.

And I haven’t even mentioned the amazing acting!


I hope you will take time to check out some of this shows and of course when I find more I will make an updated list.

Have you watched any of them?
Do you have any suggestions of some shows you think I should check out?
If yes, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


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