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Hey there... I'm Muthoni - a quirky Kenyan girl with a serious love for DIYs and a (not so) slight color obsession 😉 Welcome to my world where I share my thoughts on everything I love or find interesting, live the best life I know how and always give my honest opinion!

Bold & Colorful Living Room with Yellow Accents

Happy new month? I know, that’s stupid but we can just go with it and see where this goes.


I have really been slacking on these DIY posts. Well, on this blog thing period!Truth is, I can give you a hundred...

2020: Let’s Do This?

Happy new year! I know that's how we are supposed to start off every conversation for the next week....

What is a Kalasha?

I attended Kalasha Awards last year and to be honest I was not impressed in the least. I intended to write about the ceremony and how they could improve but life happened and I didn’t. But here we go...

We Moved! | New Home Empty House Tour

At the last possible minute we had 3 potential houses and the last one we saw was it. We loved it so much we paid immediately and moved in like 2 days later.

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Bye 2017!

2017 was a bad year for me. I will not even try sugarcoat it. For some reason last year decided to frustrate me as...

Taking Stock Six | March 2018

How was March? Well, that’s a good question.  I honestly thought I had something to say until I noticed that first sentence is all...

My Personal Trainer is a Beast!

As I sat at the Sarit center AAR reception, I couldn’t help but wonder if we were over exerting ourselves. The truth is, the...

Friday Favourites October 2018

Yooooo! How are you doing? What have you been up to? Are you enjoying life? Tell me all about, I really want to know. I have been away for...