I have really been slacking on these DIY posts. Well, on this blog thing period!

Truth is, I can give you a hundred and ten ‘reasons’ why this has been the case, but we both know it won’t mean shit. So let’s just skip that and get into the cool stuff.
As you remember, we moved.
Hands down the best thing that happened in the year of our lord, 2019.
Moving really inspired me to create a lot more (reason 1). I have been creating nonstop.
Weiya, Muthoni?

Clearly not on the blog. I have been creating actual, physical things and some content. I’ve made a pallet sofa, a bench, balcony screens, nightstands, framed art, accent walls and more. Yes, I’ve not been sleeping.

When we were moving, I knew I was giving away the pallets that made up the sofa in our last house. At the same time though, I knew I wanted a sofa for my balcony. I wanted a space that would come in handy for writing, reading or even smoking for some people.

We were lucky to find a house that had a huge balcony. I’m not exaggerating, this balcony is massive. It gave me enough space to create a lounge area and a ‘garden’. The garden end is still just a plan because I’ve turned half the balcony into my workshop. A lot of wood working has been going down here.

I Used

+ 3 Pallets
+ Jig saw/hand saw
+ Sanding Machine/block
+ Cushion
+ Paint

I already had the pillows and cushions from the last house so I didn’t need that stuff. The pillows were a DIY project I had done a while back. Of course not the emoji ones, you can get those from House of Leather.

The first thing I did was sand the pallets because I initially wanted to change their color. The black was such a hustle to get rid of that I decided to just leave them as they were.
I then decided which pallet I wanted to be on top and which one was going to make the back. The third one, didn’t need any modifications so I left it as it was.

With a jig saw, I cut the pieces of wood that were holding on to the last plank of wood on either side to form a sort of a T between the two planks of wood on the pallet that was going to be on top.

For the back piece, I cut the middle plank instead and then used a large screwdriver and a hammer to pry off that piece of wood. The idea was to have two pieces of wood sticking out. These two are going into that space in the other pallet.

At this point you are ready to assemble.

Time to start stacking up. The intact piece will be at the bottom, then the top will be the piece with the T and finally the back slides into the top.

After the assembly, I went in with a black paint spray can to fill up any patches of paintwork. Gave that some time to dry then went back in with clear paint to ‘seal’ the wood. The initial black paint was water based. This was just to make sure that should it rain hard, my wood would still be safe as well as the paint job.

I used a cushion I had but I cut it into two pieces and covered it with a leso. Threw on the pillows and just decorated around the balcony with some colorful party hats. I added my concrete stool, the pallet chair and a small table.

This project took a day and I was so excited after it was all done.

For safety during the rainy season, I pushed the sofa all the way to the wall and away from the open space where rain water would fall.

It has been raining for 2 months and our sofa is still intact.

Thank you for checking out this post and you can watch the video process below.

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