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Dear Diary

Hello October!

I’ve been trying to think about how this year has been so far. There’s not much to say. Most of this year has been spent in the house. Trying to stay alive.

Turning 30 & Other Stories

After about 25 years of being told who you are, and only 3 or so years of trying to experience yourself, you are expected to know who you are going to be for the next 60 years.

2020: Let’s Do This?

Happy new year! I know that's how we are supposed to start off every conversation for the next week. Of course there's those special people...

To The Friend’s I’ve Left Behind

Hey there friend, it’s my hope you are doing well and loving life. A couple of days ago, Facebook did that throwback thing they do...

My 2019 Plans

It’s a New Year! This is something I only remember when someone shouts it at me as a form of greeting while walking the street...
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