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I am a very emotional person and expressing my emotions has never been something I am shy about. The waterworks flow when I am in that head space. I was excited when I first heard of Supa Modo. Another Kenyan story told by Kenyans. And it had me all up in my feelings. It has been almost good these last...
When Nick first told me he was shooting 18 Hours, I was very excited for him. He really wanted to be the lead in a feature film and it was finally happening for him. After taking a step back from the usual plays where he felt like he was stagnating, this was a step in the right direction. When...
Friday was not an easy day for me. The rain made it even worse. Nick has this project he’s working on where their makeup artist had to cancel and they asked me to help out. I was happy to. Given the week I had, I was looking forward to Friday for one reason and one reason only. Thor Ragnarok....

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