Come With Me by Glady Mwende

Come with me

Let us hide under these forbidden skies

With no stars


Our eyes will spark the night


We will tell our stories skin to skin

While our bones break to uncage our emotions

The earth will break into a song

We will forget our existence


I will hold you hostage

With the soft kisses you once claimed were no good

Let you dive in my dark skin

Like our past skies do to our present eternity


I will curve up in your chest

Listening to your heart’s language

Before dawn breaks


Just paint me

In the misty window panes

Where our moist breathe lay


Let’s make love to our darkness

Before dawn’s brightness


Come with me



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Glady Mwende
A spoken word poet, theatre student and a Film maker. Writing her first poem at 15, she officially started performing Spoken Word poetry in 2014. She has performed at Storymoja hay festival and Sondeka festival as well as other poetry events. Her art is a journey of self-discovery and is inspired by life, people, death and emotions. She is also a Christian and love is her religion.


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