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Hey loves, was this weekend crazy or what? I think it’s the rain.

It must be the rain!

My hope is that you had fun and found a way to stay dry while enjoying yourself. Luck was not on my side.

Where do I even start?

Friday? Yeah, let’s start there. So, Friday was supposed to be my first Friday Favorites post but Kenya Power was not having any of that. My plan was simple, run errands early morning, be back home by 11am, do a photo shoot with my cousin then upload the first Friday Favorites.

My first errand involved someone coming by the house to pick up something. After texting he’d be there by 7am, I knew my day would be off to an early start. It was 8am when I decided to call and find out where he was only for him to inform me he will be coming later on in the day. At this point it made more sense to just get started with my day.

With the whole, house redecorating (I shall do a tour once everything is ready), I needed some new plants. It was still very dull from the rain the previous night and quite muddy. My ngomas came through a good one for this part.

When it comes to plants, I don’t go buying them all over the place, I have a supplier. Sounds like I’m talking about drugs but I am very picky about certain things.

Naomi is a kind, always smiling business lady who sells plants and succulents along Lower Kabete road. I started buying from her last year. It started by chance. In my search for succulents and knowledge of Nairobi, I went looking for plants in Kikuyu. Bee was my connect. The assumption was that they would be cheaper there. They were not.

These old guy decided I was a good way for him to make that extra coin. He charged me between 100 & 200 shillings for the succulents. This was after crazy bargaining. Since he didn’t have a huge variety, I knew I had to go looking for more elsewhere.

On a random day, I asked Nick to accompany me in my search for succulents. From previous mrandos, I was aware Lower Kabete was a good place to start. This is how we met Naomi. She was the only lady selling plants.

A bunch of guys tried to sway me to go check out their gardens but I was already sold on hers. I get googly eyed in the presence of nice looking and healthy plants.

After confirming she had what I wanted, I asked for the price. She shocked me when she said 30 bob for the succulents and 50 for the herbs. This is how she became my supplier.

Look at these cute pots I made.
Look at these cute pots I made.

I digress.

Where were we? Yes, plants.

I found myself at Naomi’s garden just a few minutes to 9am. Looked around to see if she had some new stock as well as the bigger plants I was in search of. As I walked around her garden, a lady from the food kibanda behind Naomi’s garden called out to inform me that she had not arrived yet. She offered to give me her number and find out how long she’d be.

Two rings then Naomi answered.

She informed me she was on her way, requesting I give her about thirty minutes to get there. She kindly asked the kibanda lady to help me pick out my plants. Since I already knew what I wanted, at least most of what I wanted, I had her help me with those. Immediately we started, this guy showed up and implied Naomi had sent him to help me out. When asking about the pricing of certain plants, his quotes were very high and I found that a bit odd.

Turns out he was a broker.

Broker don’t have gardens, they just walk around and sell other people’s plants at a higher price. To find out if he was legit, I asked him the price of a plant with a price tag I already knew. This guy quoted three times the price.

He started steering me towards other gardens trying to offer me different plants. Weird plants.

Naomi called to confirm how it was going since the kibanda lady informed her of the guy. She told me she hadn’t sent him. I was already suspicious of this and that is why I only picked plants from Naomi’s garden. He tried so hard to push certain plants down my throat but I wasn’t feeling it.

Naomi called wanting to talk to him, when he handed the phone back, I mentioned that I had only picked stuff from her garden and was waiting on her to come give me the prices. This guy’s mood changed. He showed me two other plants and when I said no, he told me to go wait for Naomi. So I walked back and a few minutes later Naomi was there.

She was so happy to see me. Certain she had lost a client, she had a smile on her face as she approached me. Thanked me and apologized in the same breath.

She priced my plants and explained how these brokers work even making more money than the gardeners themselves. As always, I asked her to reduce the soil in the plants as I went to get some things at the supermarket. My plan was to be back in about 30 minutes for pick up.

Nick and I met at around 10.40am, yes, this timeline is very far off from the one I had planned for myself earlier on. We went to the supermarket, picked up some supplies for the afternoon. We then passed by Naomi’s to pick up the plants and went back home. This was about 12.30pm.

Minutes after getting back home, that guy who was supposed to come by super early that morning, showed up.

My mum was passing by Westy and had a package for me. The package was food because, mothers.

Since Nick was heading to the CBD, we left the house together. At this point my cousin was on his way. It was supposed to be a simple dash and pick affair, but then the rain started.  It picked up really fast and in minutes, we had hailstones all around us.

Our small umbrella didn’t do much to keep us dry. We were soaked within minutes.

The problem with this place, is that there’s no place to seek shelter at such a time. We walked until we got near a footbridge. We waited it out there but under so much pressure because my cousin had already arrived and was by the road in the rain. Again, no shelter.

After the rain subsided, we linked up with my mum briefly and parted ways. Since it was still raining, I decided to get a boda boda to save on time. The roads were flooded and at one point, we almost landed in these pools. I met up with my cousin, his girlfriend Jane and friend Bura.

The rain had picked up again.

The roads were too flooded to walk to the house despite being a couple of minutes away. We got into a cab that was close by. Less than five minutes later, we were at the door.

We walked into a house plunged in darkness at 2pm and that was how my hot shower after the rain was taken away from me.

When this started, I was going to do the whole weekend because a lot happened. This was only the first half on my Friday.




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