Ezekiel Mutua the self-centered liar

Ezekiel Mutua should tell us on whose behalf he is acting. Let’s be honest this guy must be pushing someone’s agenda. He is a hired gun. Please indulge me as I explain myself.

Let’s start with the stakeholder’s meeting. Ezekiel Mutua did not invite all the creatives for the forum. We invited each other via social media. Until the day before (10th Oct 2016), the stakeholders’ forum was allegedly an invite only type of event. So let’s make that clear. He should stop pretending like he called us personally, sent out a Whatsapp broadcast or something along those lines.

The bigger picture. If Mutua was to act on the interests of the stakeholders who were present, he will not be able to take down the internet come election period 2017. He will not be able to control what we write about whatever happens around the same period. He will not be able to control the thousands of videos that will circulate the internet. Videos of bribery, corruption, rigging, violence, rape, abuse of power, police brutality basically the reality on the ground. He will not be able to control the films, plays, poetry pieces, music videos, blog posts, books and even Facebook posts or tweets about the same.

This man has been hired to find a reason to take away our freedom of expression come election time. He will pretend to go around the country, all 47 counties, asking the opinions of Kenyans and just like he lied about what he said during the stakeholders’ forum in Nairobi, he will lie about the one in Mombasa, Kisumu, Kakamega, Embu, Narok, Taveta and any other place he will set foot in. He will lie because Ezekiel Mutua is a liar.

At this point, I would really love to see the minutes from the stakeholders’ forum (they have not been made available on their website). I’m sure I would be very surprised. This grown ass man has the guts to deny something he said and was witnessed by over 300 people. Something that was caught on camera. And that is someone you trust? Why would you? This is a man out for himself.

Traditional media does not care about this proposed bill because they are already in bed with those running the show. That is why in all the one-on-one interviews with Mutua after the forum were about everything but the bill. They are promoting his smear campaign of creatives in this country. People who work tirelessly to make the works of art you enjoy. People who don’t know what 8 hours of sleep a night means. People you have now turned against because one asshole has told you that creatives talking about homosexuality will make you a homosexual. The real issues that people live through in this country. Do you become a murderer after watching those Terminator movies you love so much? Do you become corrupt after watching a news article about the corruption in the country? Are we honestly that dumb to buy such bullshit?

This man does not care about your thoughts or opinions, he cares about himself and his bosses. He is using y’all to achieve what he wants. These ‘parentless kids’ he’s protecting do not exist. He has walked into your house and he is now running your household. Mutua doesn’t think you’re a parent enough.

So if you are going around saying you stand with him, be sure what exactly you are standing with. You’re are handing him your balls to grab.

We shall #StopTheFilmBill




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