Love at first sight, right?

But that doesn’t seem right, quite.

Maybe to you it might, bite

Right in the ass, with spite

Something I sight,

Out of sight.

That’s what I heard, sad

Darling you’ve just been served, hard

Full for nine months. Good

Time to clean the dishes, wishes

Always come after, faster

Than the precious laughter. Matter

of fact words you attar,

better make more sense than the latter. Smarter

your appeared, but it doesn’t matter. Fatter

you already are, carrier. Far

along but it will only take nine. Fine

you’ll be as long as you see, plea

wont be heard, glad

to say I told you so, Oh

I think I just ran out of words. No!

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Hey there... I'm Muthoni - a quirky Kenyan girl with a serious love for DIYs and a (not so) slight color obsession 😉 Welcome to my world where I share my thoughts on everything I love or find interesting, live the best life I know how and always give my honest opinion!



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