Friday Favourites October 2018


How are you doing?
What have you been up to?
Are you enjoying life?
Tell me all about, I really want to know.

I have been away for a while working on myself and just chilling, but I’m happy to be back here. Honestly, it feels amazing.
What do you think of the new look? Thought it was time for some color. My plan is to make this the home of sunshine and happiness, be prepared.

Unicorns farting rainbows will be the order of business.

It’s not Friday.

I know. But, this is the closest to Friday this post has gone up since I introduced it.These are some of the things I have been loving for the past 3 months or so. All the info on where you can buy them (links included) will be at the end of this post.

Sawa, let’s get this show on the road.

I Love… Shower Gel (Papaya and Mango)

I love I Love products. 🙂 I really wanted to do that.
The I Love product line is one that has mastered the art of scents. Every product I have tried under this brand smells like sunshine and happiness. Even if you are having a bad day, their products will just turn things around for you.

I know everyone thinks that coconut oil is the savior of lives, but that is because they have not tried I Love… products.

The first product I ever tried was their Blueberry hand cream and I have never used any other hand cream ever since. This was 5 years ago.

This shower gel makes the bathroom smell like a 7 star fruit salad. If you can, get you some of their products. Did I mention it also doubles up as a bubble bath? Now all I need is a bathtub, 3 hours and a good book.


Strawberry Sorbet Lip Scrub

Lip scrub

You know I am one to make my own lip scrubs but while shopping online, this one was recommended to me and I decided to try it. It has been working well especially since I have hardly been wearing matte lipsticks for a while. I like the scent and how fine the scrubbing particles are.

Definitely better that sugar and honey.


Clarisonic Mia 2 Spin Brush

If you are a frequent visitor, you are probably wondering,

“what happened to the Vanity Planet, Spin for Perfect Skin brush?”

In one word, Ziggy. I should have probably said name, but you get the gist. For all the new visitors wondering ‘what is a Ziggy?’ That would be my beautiful cat.
So yes, Ziggy happened. He dropped it. I believe he was trying to punish me for not letting him go outside.

So back to the Mia2 brush. I have been enjoying this brush for several reasons. Unlike other brushes that spin around as you clean your face, this one vibrates. It is such a cool feeling. The vibration does not pull or drag your skin the way the circular motion would.

This brush is also rechargeable, so no more double A batteries for me. It is completely water resistant and to top it all off, has a self-timer. #WinsAllAround

It is also very affordable.


These Cute Shoes

There’s no better way to title this one.


A couple of months ago, someone important in our life was getting married. So I decided to buy some shoes. I was wearing a white dress (yes I am that person who wears white to a wedding) and so I wanted something with some color for my shoes. I dragged Nick to Toi market and I found myself these beauties.

Granted, I have only worn them on two separate occasions, they are still cute AF. Because of that, they have become some sort of décor piece in the living room. Maybe one day I will share. FYI, they are only comfortable for like 5 minutes then I’m done.


Travel Containers

If you have set foot into Miniso, you know what a small devil that store is. You walk in with the intention of just looking around and buying batteries and walk out with a supply of bamboo charcoal face masks, two different kinds of cleansers, four kinds of diffusers, a bag a smaller bag for the big bag, notebooks, gifts for people you haven’t seen for years which means they will never get them, a table mirror and a sleeping mask that you will never use.

Where was I?

Oh, yes.

I got this cute containers that are mostly meant to make travel easy by giving you sizable containers for all your products and they have been serving me very well at home. I am ready to travel now.


Oil Infused Micellar Water

Micellar water came to save our lives and now her cousin is here to steal the day. I am a member of the Micellar water brigade. But, yo, this Oil infused one is the sh*t. I am not censoring myself. We both know what this is. And also FUCK censorship!

That was weird. Moving on.

Not only does it have a great scent, it works so well in getting rid of dirt and makeup on the skin. Since I started using it, my other bottle sits neglected at the back of my shower caddy. I have no regrets.


Pebeo Acrylic Paint and Brushes

Every so often, Text Book Center decides to zero in on a particular company and push multiple products in one go. Most of the time, the company is new or new to us and their products tend to be priced lower than those by other companies currently in the market. For me, this is the best time to invest in my art supplies.

I only got their products last week but they are amazing. The paint is smooth and their brushes even smoother. The entire time I used the brush, it only lost 1 bristle. Just 1. That is just amazing.

They have a variety of paints when it comes to finish and colors. I enjoyed using their paint and I am definitely going back for more. Soon, before the price hikes.


The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

After I got sick (story for another day), I found myself learning more about our subconscious mind and exactly how it works. I haven’t looked back since. This book is one that was recommended by multiple sources online and after reading it I understand why. If you ever choose to read it, keep an open mind.

The journey I am on right now has stemmed from reading this and other different articles as well as listening and watching different seminars on the same subject. Once I have grown in to it, I shall share more.

Definitely a book I would recommend. It has completely change my outlook on life.


For You Chinese Restaurant

This is an interesting one.

I thought I should prepare myself not that China owns this land. 😂😂😂
Early this year, my good friend, Mdeizi and I enjoyed a beautiful dinner at this restaurant and I was hooked. She introduced me to it.

I knew of the restaurant but had never been. Thank you Mdeizi.

After introducing Nick to the restaurant, it has slowly become our joint. Their food potions are massive and very tasty. Every time we go there, we come home with food. Very friendly prices and the staff is simply amazing. Not to mention, they give you free dessert and gifts after your meal.


The Gifted

I haven’t been listening to music as much but all my Tv shows are back. #HTGAWM, Empire, Star, Black-ish, Fresh of the Boat, Dynasty and Supastore.

The show I started watching out of the blue was Gifted. I love shows with powers and abilities because they always bring about a new way of thinking. I am not too attached to it but I am enjoying it.


Dang that was a long list! That’s what I have been loving these past months.


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Shop: Shower Gel (Super Cosmetics) || Lip Scrub || Brush || Shoes (Toi Market) || Micellar Water (If lazy buy online or go to Naivas, it’s 650 Ksh.) || Paint || Book


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