Friday Favorites : March 2018

I know it’s not Friday but I still want to do this. March is over yo!

Last week was a whole lot of a mess that I had my days and dates confused. I was moving up and down from Tuesday and I have not yet settled. It’s not an excuse. They were long days and short nights and I don’t think that will change soon because I am doing #VEDA over on my YouTube channel. #ShamelessPlug

I will also be doing #BEDA over here. That means a new post everyday for the rest of the month. Look at me trying to adult.

March was a quick one. It passed by really fast. I can’t even remember what happened I just know it left me with a bad cold. It the worst kind. That one that interferes with your sleep. Sigh.

I still managed to enjoy the month and some cool things made it cooler.


1.      Luguah Body Butter

My skin has not been loving coconut oil of late. When I noticed, I switched to shea butter and my skin was in love. The shea butter I was using was the best one I had found and so I went searching for more. Unfortunately, the vendor I bought it from could only be found on Tuesdays at Sarit. The few Tuesdays I remembered to pass by, the shea butter had ran out or the vendor wasn’t around.

So one random Tuesday I remembered to pass by and the vendor wasn’t there. Nick spotted his friend Lulu and as we walked over, I noticed she was selling some body butters. She also had hair butters and natural pressed oils.

I tried her body butter and I was really impressed. They are all natural and have a beautiful scent. They leave you smelling like a milkshake.

The strawberry body butter has transformed my skin in the past month. The best part, I don’t have to worry about the weird shea butter smell. That and the extra oils that are mixed in that make the butter extra special.


2.      Avocado oil

The same day I got the body butter, I picked up some avocado oil from Luguah Naturals. Since I decided to grow my hair for the next year, I have been trying to build up a regimen for my hair. Avocado oil has been working well so far. I don’t like the scent but I love the results. My hair and scalp are well moisturized and I am not sure if it is the oil alone or the other tuthings I do to my hair, it has been growing. I am yet to try the oil on my skin to see how that goes.


3.      Red Berries Tea

Apart from Blueberry and apple tea, this is the other tea I have found myself sipping every day.  It is not that sweet which works very well for me. A mild mix of berries to satisfy my taste buds. I bought an extra pack this month just in case.


4.      New plants

I added new and bigger plants in the house and they are doing great. They have added life into the space and that pop of green looks really good on camera too. The new succulents are doing great as well and I might be getting a couple more plants for my work desk. My herb garden outside is also flourishing and the spearmint is everything.


5.      Canvas Wall art

Early March, I decided to add a huge canvas in the living room to serve as the centerpiece decor for the room. I filmed the process but deleted the footage by mistake. I have been doing that a lot in the last couple of weeks. The painting turned out better than I had imagined. You can watch the process on my Instagram Highlights. Another #ShamelessPlug


Ythera body mist

6.      Ythera Body Mist

I think I first heard about this brand sometime last year when a certain YouTuber did a review. It didn’t cross my mind again until last week. I have only been using it for a couple of days and I love it.

To try it out I picked up the small bottle but loved it so much I went back the next day and got the big one.


7.      Peanut Butter

Looks like I always have a weird thing up in here. I had no idea how much peanut butter I eat until this past month. Half a Kg in 2 weeks. Yap. I am officially an addict. I use peanut on almost everything. That is only reason it’s on this list.


8.      Concrete stool

Sometime last month I made a concrete stool and I didn’t go with the conventional circular stool. Talk about being extra. I love how it tuned out and it adds extra structure into the living room. Also instead of wood I used PVC pipes for the legs then painted then copper to make sure they fit into the décor of the house.

Concrete stool


9.      Say Something

Justin Timberlake got me with this one. I really love his new energy. His new album is super cool. Say something is my favorite song and the video is just beautiful. They shot the video in one take. Yap! I know, crazy right? If you haven’t listened to it yet, definitely give it a try and if you can, watch the video instead.


10.  Good Girls

The first time I tried to watch this show the streams kept failing me. Life of a bootlegger, lol. For some reason I kept trying until I managed to watch the pilot. Now I know why. With only 4 episodes in, this show is awesome. The story line and the acting are on point. Did I mention the lead characters are badass women? If you are looking for something to watch, give this one a go.

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