Wearing The News in this cool Gazette Shirt

Hey love, it has been a while since we talked matters fashion and style.

That being said, this will not be a long post. But then again, I don’t know. I just started typing and things might change along the way.

This shirt is everything when it comes to appearance. However, it is as light as the paper it’s printed on. 🙂

Looking plain AF

This print is something I’ve started noticing more of since I bought it. In true Muthoni fashion, we have to spruce it up. Since I have no intentions to take scissors to it (that might change in the future), I figured the best way to make it fun is in how I style it.

It is a free size shirt which translates into one size fits all.

Please note…
If you have a large bust and want to style it the same way, please make sure you have a very supportive strapless bra or you if you don’t mind you can go for those transparent straps.

The other option is doing those really complicated move your straps here and there explained all over YouTube. I tried and they really didn’t work for me. If you have a technique that works in hiding your straps, us it. If not, you can just wear a bra with thin black straps and make that a part of the look.

You can find this shirt for 1300 KSh on this IG shop. Reach them on Whatsapp (0720 502 966) and follow up with a call. They also have a physical shop in the CBD around the Beba Beba area.


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