Gentle in a crowd of beasts

The tender touch of pain

Freedom is a state of mind,

Over state of life,

Over state of situation,

Over state of time,

Freedom is a state of mind.


I was born into a society that could define me,

Decree what I needed to be.

Control and watch every step I make,

Define where and how to step,

Decide my future without my consent.

My back against the wall,

My life caught between a rock and a hard place.

Isn’t that one and the same?

I guess life rocks!


A manifestation of imagination,

Not to mention my mother’s nagging,

Has made me believe I am an equal.

The investment in emotional and motivational literature,

Endless hours of Dr. Phil, Oprah,

And lessons of strutting in 7 inch stilettos from Tyra,

Has made me believe that I am an equal.


Driven to accomplish, prove myself.

Guilt ridden. Self driven. Crowd pleasing.

I believe I am an equal.

Giving orders, empowered as such.

Made powerful enough to stand tall, face all.

And even step on some.

Up top with the big dogs, best of them all.

Gentle soul surrounded by beasts.

Tough enough to face them too.

I still believe I am an equal,

For I am playing with the big boys,

Drawing the big guns.

I am an equal,

I said, I am an equal.

I have fought to be where I am and who I am,

But not what I am.

For I am everything, but an equal.


When the sun sets, so does the status quo.

I go back to being a lonely soul, definitely short.

No one cares how tall I am, nor how tall I stand.

The façade falls off. All my beliefs gone.

Insecurities kick in.

Paranoia picks up.

The scaredy cat is present.

The part of me I detest.

One that cares less of her equality, facing the iniquity.

Living in solitude, for I threaten everyone with interest.

Being an equal leaves no room for submission.

No darling, you can’t have it both ways.

All I can do is sleep on it and wait for the fearless me at dawn.


Freedom is a state of mind,

Over state of matter,

Over state of self,

Over state of others.

Freedom is but a state of mind.