Being Vegan, Nipples on Men and Other Random Things

Almost a month ago, I decided to do a different kind of Q&A session on my blog instead of the usual videos I upload on my YouTube channel. It might be a month later but here we are. I went to the one place where I guess questions are posed, Facebook, and the following questions were shot my way. As always, I will do my best to be as detailed as I possibly can and hopefully you will be satisfied.

What was your first blog?

This is not something I have thought about and I am not sure if you would like to know the first blog post I ever wrote or the first actual blog site. So, since I am in a generous mood, I will try respond to both.

I believe I once had a blogger account that is supported by Google. This was before I discovered WordPress. I used to share my poetry, so my guess would be my first blog post was probably a poem.

However, I consider my first blog to be TakaSafi. This to me was now a genuine blog and probably the moment I became serious about blogging. My first blog post was about Blankets and Wine and a breakdown of the artists that were performing.

So far, this year, what do you think is the greatest book you’ve read & movie you’ve watched?

I love both reading and movies. This year I have watched a lot more movies than usual and I have read fewer books, I can see you judging me. The greatest book sounds like a strong title to use. Maybe just an interesting read. Someone gave me ‘That thing around your neck’ by Chimamanda Adichie sometime last year but I hadn’t read it until Kenya Power pulled a fast one. What I liked about the collection of short stories was just how she took on so many different voices in each story.

It was just one of those moments where I felt like, we are often blind to a lot of things that happen around us. I would also like to explore this kind of story telling at some point in the future.

When it comes to movies, I honestly can’t choose one. I like different movies for different reasons. So far I have really enjoyed Spider-Man Homecoming and Dunkirk. I seriously look forward to Thor Ragnarok and Wonder to be released later this year.

Which gear do you use?

I film using a Canon 70D and a 50mm lens. I have a 3 point lighting when I film videos in the house and I am just talking or just a ring light if I need extra lighting while doing a DIY video. As you may have noticed though, of late I prefer filming most part of my DIY videos outside and use natural light.

I edit using Premiere Pro CC on HP Envy 15 4th Generation. I record the voiceovers on my phone.

Why do men have nipples?

Whatever or whoever gave you the idea I would have a response to this lied to you. Biology was only exciting when the teacher was in class anything that came after that was a blur. As far as my memory serves me, Mr. Wachira never touched on this subject and because of that, I am in no position to answer this. If you ever do find out, feel free to come back and educate us.

Are you a pet person?


Yes is an understatement. I have 2 beautiful cats, Joey and Ziggy and I intend on getting more pets in the future. I am not that crazy about dogs but I might consider one in the future it just has to be super cute and not the breeds that grow into giants.

I’d really like to know your vegetarian (or is it vegan) diet. What do you eat? Your favorite meals? Meal substitutes etc. Oh and changes you’ve experienced (physically or otherwise) after adopting this new lifestyle. Been thinking of doing it too.

You should definitely do it. Let me start there.

I am vegan which means I don’t consume any animal products. I have had moments where fish has been tempting but that is a story for a different post. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. I also eat grains, lentils, legumes, pasta e.t.c I just don’t touch animal products. Oh yeah, my favorite meals involve a lot of raw veggies, so mostly wraps and sandwiches.

Cous Cous Salad and a Green Smoothie
Cous Cous Salad and a Green Smoothie

A lot of vegans have meal substitutes for things like meat but since I was never a fan of meat even before, I have never felt the need to have substitutes. I think the only sub I use would be non-dairy milk for my cereal and pancakes. If you are a fan of meat and want to go vegan I would advise you start off with substitutes but if you believe in yourself you can quite cold turkey lol.

The process wasn’t that hard for me because I was hardly consumed animal products so the transition was very seamless. I can help you come up with a meal plan if interested.

The changes I have experienced include high levels of energy, my skin has become better and clearer, I don’t get sick as often as I used to, I am almost always in a positive mood, I look forward to actually eating unlike before and there’s more. Everyone always has a different experience but it’s always a positive one.


I hope your questions were well answered. If you would like any clarification, leave me a comment and I will get back to you. I feel like I should be doing this a lot more often. For a second there I thought I didn’t have much to say. Clearly that is not the case.

Muthoni Gitau
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