Hanging Rope Shelves

Hello loves… another Wednesday, another DIY.

Look at me acting like I share new DIYs every Wednesday, but you know what?

A girl can dream!

Sooooo, when I decided it was time to get back on the TUBE, I wanted to switch up my look and have something close to how I am feeling now, which is mostly colorful and super excited like all the time. Point is, I just wanted something new and something that resonated with my love of color.

I had a million ideas but I wanted to work with something that was budget friendly. Also, after I found out the price of a wood plank I wanted to use, I was like… yeah I need to rethink this.

This DIY Rope floating shelves are simple to make if you have all the right tools and even easier if you have someone to do all the hard parts for you. 😂

You will need

A drill + drill bit


Wall plugs (for the hooks)

Wood or 3mm plywood



Colored marker

Hoops/circular rings


Tape measure


You will need to decide what you want to use. If you have any wood planks you can use them. If not, you can buy the 3mm or 6mm plywood. A whole sheet goes for anything between 450 and 750 depending on the thickness.

Once you do that, the next step is length. How long do you want your shelves to be? Use those measurements to drill and place the wall plugs and hooks in place.

Drill the sides of the boards that make up the shelves. I used a piece of paper to mark the exact points I wanted to drill so as to make sure the holes were evenly distanced on all sides.

Cut your rope to the size you desire. Pass the hoops to the center of the rope then thread the rope through the holes and knot under the hole to secure the shelves in place.

Adjust this while the shelves are on the hook to your desired height. This will take some time but once done, you can now decorate.

Use the candle to seal the frayed ends of the rope to keep the bottom bit neat and secure.


I hope the details are clear. If confused just watch the video where I actually made these shelves. The shelves turned out great. I love them and I think they look great in the videos.

You can watch the step by step process in the video below.

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