Hello October!

Wow, we’re basically in the last leg of 2020. If this was Amazing Race, we would be those guys without backpacks running towards the finish line seeing that guy, what’s his name? Mark or something… anyway, he would be there, next to that black and yellow carpet with all the eliminated guys cheering.

Not sure if his smile is a good sign or not, we would keep running towards him hoping we are getting that million-dollar cheque.

This is not the amazing race and there’s no million-dollar cheque at the end of 2020.

Dang! It’s October. less than 100 days to 2021.

I’ve been trying to think about how this year has been so far. There’s not much to say. Most of this year has been spent in the house. Trying to stay alive.

I don’t know how we are still sane. That is if we actually are at this point. But, having come this far, with the expectations the world had of us, we are those bitches!

It looks like these regulations will start getting lifted pole pole. Given, there’s not much progress in terms of how to deal with this thing, I’m not sure how I feel about that. Honestly just hoping that we can finally get to a point where people can go to work. Hopefully get their jobs back. We can move around freely and my favourite, stop wearing masks. These things are uncomfortable.

I had taken a short break. A forced one. Like most of my breaks are. I had come down with a viral infection that really messed up my throat, ears and I had even lost my voice. I’m OK now. Took my meds. Almost finished my dose too. I’m really bad at this.  You know those people who ask the doctor if they can just get an injection and be done with instead of having to actually take tablets?  That is the only committee I’m in.

Nick and I started a new journey together. We decided to start a life furmily channel with the cats. Three videos down and I think we are doing great.

It’s interesting how I had planned to travel more this year. Especially within the country. Leaving the house has not been a thing, forget travel.

The road trips had to take the back bench. Not sure when I will plan for them again.

I’ve made new friends. Especially online I guess because that’s the way we make friends now. Reconnected with old ones. That has been very fun. And you know, lost some people. This year has had its fair share of nonsense honestly, I feel like we need a break. At least for this last months of the year.

We get it covid you’re a bad bitch, but can we just get a break?

I’m hopeful.

The way everything has been going isn’t exactly something that gives you hope, but there’s some cool things that are happening. We have Kenyan productions on Netflix. New shows coming up like. People are creating more. Reconnecting with themselves.

People are having fun. Have you seen those random videos on Tik Tok or Instagram and you just see people being silly and they just make you smile? Like we’re not stiff anymore. OK, some people probably still are, but we are not that stiff anymore and that’s the kind of stuff that makes me hopeful. Perhaps we can just laugh at ourselves sometimes.

This is just one of those. I can’t sleep, so I decided to write posts. Probably makes zero sense. But you know what? I’m smiling as I do it. That’s a win.

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