Here Comes Muthoni

Why Here Comes Muthoni?

Early 2020, I introduced a series on my channel called Here Comes Muthoni. The idea behind this series was to help my community transform their homes into what they would them to look like. I am reviving this series but with a twist. As much as I would love to add my magic into everyone's home, it's not always possible or affordable.

The How

I had this crazy idea and most of you agreed it was crazy enough to work. We will crowdfund within our community and use the money collected to transform a room for a community member. I will use my skills to makeover any room of their choosing by working closely with the chosen community member to make sure that the space speaks to their soul.

Submission Requirements

  • The applicant must be based in Nairobi, Kenya
  • Participant should be comfortable being on camera
  • Fill in the submission form below
  • Submissions closed


  1. Open your M-pesa Menu
  2. Select Lipa na Mpesa
  3. Choose Buy Goods
  4. Till Number 5623545
  5. Enter 100 as amount
  6. Enter your pin number
  7. Send


Submission Form

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