I don’t Trust Poets

I don’t trust poets in matters of the heart.

They always know the words to say,

How to phrase,

Words to use and how to be fused.

Making me swing, twirl and curl

My non-existent hair.

Draw weird maps with my feet,

Loose my word.

Find myself singing gugu gaga

And the response to each and every question is deep!


I don’t trust poets in matters politics.

They always say the truth.

Feed you back your lies and ask you to shove them

Point out the turns you pretend not to see.

Ask for accountability.

Scream and shout when you neglect your responsibility.

Stand firm and feed you back your words.

Metaphors and word play and you still ignore the message.


I don’t trust poets, period!

They learn their skill and use it for you or against you.

Simple words that are cut deep,

Rip apart your bullshit.

Stare right into your soul and call your bluff.

These people are not to be trusted.

Even their lives are coined in beautiful wordplay.