I Made a Chandelier

Hey y’all, what’s poppin’? I’ve been feeling hella good the last couple of days and I hope this keeps going.

Hope you are in the mood for a DIY post because that’s what this is. I have been thinking of a chandelier for a while now but had not really committed myself to doing something about it. That’s until yesterday morning when I realized I had not shared a DIY video in a while. I got all giddy and jumped out of bed all pumped. I had been researching for a while and I already knew what I wanted.

Paper lanterns, that was the word that had been plaguing me for a while and in that moment, butt naked on the couch, I remembered it. Paper lanterns. OLX here I come! After contacting the first vendor who claimed to be ‘travelling’, I was a little crushed. Fingers crossed, I contacted the second one. A lady by the name Cathy. She answered my call and after a brief conversation, we agreed to use my boda guy for the pick up since her guys didn’t work Sundays.

A good Nairobi resident always has more than one boda guy. This streets can be rough and nobody has time to waste. Kim was unavailable. He’s my favourite. Karanja first said he wasn’t working for the day but once I mentioned the pick-up was along Waiyaki Way, he changed his tune. He was probably expecting one of the long trips I usually send him on. Cathy called me soon as Karanja arrived at her house and because we are all about convenience, M-pesa biashara happened and in 20 minutes I had my paper lanterns. I was really excited.

Expecting some average sized lanterns, I was shocked at how huge they were. Half my plan right there. After setting up to get started, there was another blow, I didn’t have enough glue sticks for my glue gun. The chandelier dream started fading away.

My glue sticks vendor is located in town, River Road to be precise. There was no way I was going to go there on a Sunday. Hell, I didn’t even know if they opened on Sundays. My second option would have been Text Book Center and Sarit but with the fire last week, that plan was a buzz. Not just coz of the fire, if I am being honest. My vendor, Kanaiya Ushanga, sells the glue sticks at 45 shillings a piece. The fancy big bro that is TBC, sells the same for 70 shillings a piece.

As much as I have said this so many times before, I shall repeat. I am all about a bargain. I get about 10 at a time. So yeah, I was not ready to watch 200 going down the drain. Yes, this is after accounting for transport.

2018-05-14 05.53.19 1

Shit, I forgot this was about a DIY chandelier, but let’s assume you will watch the video below for the steps and that you were mostly here for the story. The story is much longer because, there was a play in between and getting rained because of ngwace. Very long story I tell you.


You will Need

  • 2 Chinese paper lanterns (size is optional, mine were 16 inches and I wish they were smaller)
  • A hot glue gun with loads of extra glue sticks
  • Fishing line
  • Pillow Fiber
  • Patience


  • Fix up the paper lantern by inserting the wire into the lantern to hold it up.
  • Fluff the fiber. This gives you more fiber to work with and make it light.
  • Apply the glue in small potions and lay the fiber on the lantern.
  • Use the fishing line to attach the two lanterns to make something that looks like 2 scoops of ice cream.
  • Use the fishing line to hand the chandelier as high or low as you want it.

You can also experiment with the shapes you create for your chandelier. My lanterns being huge was a hindrance and maybe I will switch them out with time to create the cloud chandelier I had in mind when it all started.

You can watch the video below to see me as well as the chandelier in action.

Tutorial Video




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