Let’s Get This Shit Straight…

So nothing new here, what was expected to happen, happened. Now I am here to set the record straight.

After my Disconnect review yesterday, I expected a lot of backlash and I was prepared for it. Okay, let me be honest, there’s no backlash preparedness routine here just someone hoping for the best but expecting the worst.

Despite having no intentions to have a part 2 to that post, here I am explaining myself. No, not for my honest review of Disconnect but to deal with the elephant in the room that now seems to be 18 Hours.

Yes folks, my credibility is at stake. 😂😂😂

I know what you are wondering.

“What does one movie have to do with the other?”

The truth, nothing.

The issue here is my review. So let me take you through a journey before we get down to this big ass elephant.

I have been writing reviews of different things for about 8-9 years now. From books to movies and even products. Reviews are different depending on what you are talking about.
Different approaches also come to play.

Like most (if not all) bloggers out here, when it came to my reviews, I followed the usual, nice, trying not to rub anyone the wrong way type of approach. In case you are wondering why people just give you an extra-long synopsis of a movie or show in the name of a review, now you know why.

This is what we call, playing it safe.
At the end of the day, everyone wants to still be eligible for work out here. I used to be the same way.

As a blogger, I have experimented a lot with my writing. That is something that gives me great joy.

I love what I do, well… on most nights.

If you decide to go through this blog from the moment I started it or even read any other post before you will notice that my writing style keeps changing. For the better, I hope. There is this other thing called growth. I strive to grow everything I do and in doing so I challenge myself as much as I can, where I can.

Now to the elephant.

After yesterday’s post, I received a massive amount of feedback. Most of it, in agreement with my review. I guess a lot of us felt shortchanged.

I am sure you have seen the comments from those who had no issues putting it out there in the public space like myself. What you haven’t seen are the DMs I have received in regards to the same.

Sorry to disappoint you, I have no screenshots to share.

You’ll just have to take my word for it.

🎶🎶🎶 Here comes the comments… 🎶🎶🎶

The usual, ‘only criticize if you can do it better’ comments came through. Super expected and to that I say, filmmakers don’t make films for themselves. As a consumer, I have every right to share my opinion. You don’t have to agree with it and that’s okay.

If you can’t take feedback from your audience, who are you going to take it from? The same industry players who weren’t honest with you in the first place? Or would you rather just chill with the idea of success in your head?

Like I said, my review was from a place of love. I love film and I love seeing Kenyans put themselves out there especially given the hurdles you have to go through in this country. For me, that is one hell of a ballzy thing to do.

It’s no excuse though to just assume that consumers will settle for less just because we have very few films out of the country.

I would rather we solidify an industry that can stand up to the giants out here.  My opinion was that, they could have done waaaaaay way better than they did.

Then there was the comment that I did not review 18 Hours, a movie Nick (my man) was in with the same detail.

First of all, I only have 4 movie reviews on this blog. Three of them, local. If you read all 4 of them, you will notice that all the reviews are different. 18 hours and Thor Ragnarok, happened last year. This year, around Feb, I decided to change the direction I take with my writing. That is on all my posts.

These 2 movie reviews were written in the approach I mentioned before. A long ass synopsis with bits and pieces of what the audience can look forward to.

Was my review on 18 hours biased just because Nick was in the film? It’s possible, but I don’t think so. As far as I am concerned 18 hours was a good movie. There are ways it could have been improved, but overall, I thought it was a good movie.

Since, I am here to set the record straight, the one person I lay down the harshest criticism on when it comes to his craft, is Nick. I push him to keep working and grow as an artist. The other person who also gets it from me is my friend Willy.
So the idea that I cannot be objective because my man is a part of a project is an insult where I am concerned. Ask people out here who have worked with me in different capacities and they will tell you, I am a straight shooter.

If you chose to only compare the Disconnect and 18 Hours reviews and completely overlooked the other 2, that only shows your aim was to try and discredit me and my opinion because it didn’t sit well with you. Why didn’t you throw the Supa Modo review in the ring as well? Biased much?

Since you want us to compare the two, let’s go. Don’t worry this won’t be long.

As much as 18 Hours had its own issues, it was still better that Disconnect on so many fronts. Fact!

Even if I had reviewed both movies the same way, you would still have found a different angle to try discredit me. Fact!

It doesn’t matter, how many movies I have reviewed or will review, I will still give my honest opinion. Fact!

Disconnect was a crappy movie. Fact!

We are done here. Fact!


Miss M.




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