Loud Silence

My experiences may have made me bitter.

Got me to a point of no return.

Doubting the preacher,

The teacher,

Even the scripture.

My life has become a twister,

And everything I do only sinks me deeper.

I am doubting your existence,

Regardless of my resilience

I can’t ignore my experience.


I am looking for something,

Don’t ask what?

Instead give me something, anything.

Nothing good seems to come off your favourite creatures.

I’ve watched a fish drown,

Don’t ask how unless you can explain the man that rapes a cow.

What has taken over humanity?

The death of the good Samaritan went  undocumented.


Becoming so different,

Yet we still stay the same.

So many teachings but observations beg to differ.

For the deepest rivers are those that run from the eyes

Love has no power anymore.

If it only means hitting someone. Some more

Told it’s for your own good or your fault too.

Love has been replaced by obsession after the lust,

My love replaced by my bitch

For love is no longer a two way traffic

But only follows the lane with the fattest wallet,

Ogles over the shortest skirt.


I am tired of conforming to your reasoning.

Only because you say I should

Being quiet on the things that matter

Silence governs the streets.

Don’t want to offend the wrong the people

High seats say what the deed should be

Decide what’s right, what’s not

Who gets to what spot.

Justice controlled by the big shots

No one can speak their mind,

Coz it might not even be their own.



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