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Long time no see… yeah it has been a minute.

I don’t want to keep you here that long because I am super excited about this post and the video as well. One day, I will probably tell you why it was so important for me to do this makeover. Today, I will just be showing you our bedroom and what we have going on in there.

First, this bedroom has been something I have wanted to change up for quite some time and with good reasons.

The paint on the walls was ugly… I honestly have no idea what they were thinking. It made no sense. It was a random blue (not the good kind) that was clearly painted over the cream-ish yellow that was initially there. The paint job was not that well done. You know, that saving money disease a lot of property owners suffer from.


At first, I used a dull bulb to try and mask the hideous that was the paint job but it didn’t do much for me. Especially during the day. So when I got around to repainting, I took advantage of this to change up a couple of things. This included adding some shelves to the room.

Our bedroom had some oddly placed shelves that were very limiting and made no sense. They really didn’t work. They were positioned under the bulb. Right above where the head board should have been.

I removed these shelves and split them into 4 pieces where 3 ended up on the bedroom walls and the last one found its home in the bathroom (you can see this in the apartment tour– part 2 video). I also used one of these shelves to hang my jewelry.

Shelf 1

Initially, my jewelry had a home on a foam board that I had stuck on one of my walls. They must really enjoy their new spot. This was not that hard to do. After installing the shelves, I used my drill to make small holes and added my screw hooks making sure they all faced forward.

In order to stay organized, I used some plastic baskets. Yeah, I know plastic isn’t good and all but let’s be honest, we all can’t afford to buy baskets for 2,000 and in multiples. Since I am practical and operate within what is pocket friendly and functional, these baskets get the job done. I paid 155 shillings for them. That’s a whole lot of coins saved.

Our closet is really small and I think I have a lot of clothes. We also have a lot of small storage areas in the bedroom and Nick isn’t exactly the best when it comes to folded stuff. In the closet, we have shirts, both his and mine as well as some dresses, jackets, hoodies and trench coats. Nick’s pants are folded and easy to access and I use one of my smaller plastic tuthings to organize my tiny towels and the rest of the space is for the body towels. I have my clothes folded in different cabinet spaces and I know where everything is.


The beddings are white and I added some grey pillows and curtains as well as a black throw to add some contrast. Since the bed is installed into the room, the bed has no headboard. To avoid the negative space, I decided to go with two frames. In line with the monochrome nature and simplicity of the room, I figured song lyrics worked really well and I was not wrong. The frames center the bedroom and tie everything together.

I also made a bench that was initially next to the foot of the bed but we knocked ourselves way too much in the middle of the night. After getting enough bruises, I decided to move the bench under the window and it has been very comfortable there.

sidetable 2

Sidetable 1

The grid on the wall is technically just for my glasses and cards I like but have no space for LOL. The bedside tables, have almost similar things only in different designs. The trays are of different shapes just to add some sort of structure (look at me trying to sound sophisticated). We have white roses, candles, and incense burners. We also have books and cards just to add a hint or red which mysteriously ended up becoming the accent color in our bedroom.

Our bedroom turned out great and we really love it. If you have any questions, leave them below and I will be sure to respond. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel to watch the rest of the house tour.

Thanks for the patience.

Miss M.

Bedroom Tour Video

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