My Personal Trainer is a Beast!

As I sat at the Sarit center AAR reception, I couldn’t help but wonder if we were over exerting ourselves. The truth is, the pain was way too much. It made everything uncomfortable. Pain that interferes with the most comfortable of things like sleep, sitting down, crossing your legs or even resting your hands on your thighs is not something you joke about. Why would a normal human being pay someone to cause them such pain? The thing is, we just got ourselves a personal trainer and honestly this guy (@MentalPictureFitness) is more determined to whip us into shape than we are mentally prepared for.

Let’s take a few steps back so that you understand just how we got here. Nick and I have been going to the gym. As much as it has been on and off, we have somehow been consistent (lol). Our gym has some trainers just to guide you on how to use the equipment correctly. It could also be to avoid law suits or personal injuries to the clients. We took as much advantage as we possibly could of these trainers, but when you have a bunch of people at the gym at the same time, they are only able to help you for a couple of minutes and it is on to the next one. Other times, they would be missing in action especially if the gym wasn’t that packed.

Given these circumstances, we worked out to what we considered to be the best we could. We even had a workout schedule that we did our best to follow. This schedule was determined by what our body goals were (still are). We would gym anywhere between 5-6 days a week. The pain was real. Being human, we would often go easy on ourselves. Any time we would feel like we are in pain, even just a little, that would be it. Kujipenda nayo!

We did this for a while and to be honest, Nick saw results faster than I did. Turns out it is a biological thing. As much as we saw results, we felt like something was missing. After a 2 or 3 months hiatus, we went back. This time round we walked in with a trainer.

This was a before and after of when Joseph decided to prove that eating habits affect your work out.
This was a before and after of when Joseph decided to prove that eating habits affect your work out. In first image, he was eating all kinds of food without care. 2nd image after a month of healthy eating and working out.

The first time we worked with Joseph, the warm up itself had us ready to crawl back home. It looked so simple when he would give us instructions but the moment it was our turn, not so much. We worked out our entire bodies. When he mentioned this was the warm up, I gave him a look of bewilderment and he just laughed at me. After the warm up (read torture session introduction), he gave us different workout sets and would check up on us to be sure the body posture was right. He would walk beside us clapping.



‘You are doing a good job.’

‘Strong! Keep going. Keep going.’

I have never heard so many strongs out of a conversation with my buddies from Kayole.

That day we walked home without saying much. I believe somewhere in there, we were both broken. We both had a hard time sitting down, getting up after sitting for a while, bending, technically anything that exerted any kind of pressure on any muscle in the human body.

The next day, we walked into the gym with demands.

‘Today I can’t work on anything that involves legs’

‘I can’t lift weights’

‘My shoulder still hurts’

Joseph had no issue, he decided to work on the muscles we were ‘comfortable’ working on. We crawled back home the second day. That night was long. We were in so much pain, sleeping was impossible. Turning during the night came with wincing, moans and groans and not the good kind. The third day was definitely not going to happen. We were in so much pain we gave ourselves an off day. After healing over the weekend we were back at it.

Leg day was the reason I was at the AAR reception. Nick had trouble walking, standing, siting or even lying down. We went to see the doctor because he needed something to help with the pain. I was in pain as well but I think I take pain a lot better than he does. This ended up with him getting some pain tablets and 4 physiotherapy sessions. He is okay. The physician blamed it on the hard work out after a prolonged period of not being at the gym.

Tomorrow we will be back again and I am hoping Nick’s body will have adjusted to this new routine. I can already see some small changes even in my posture and I can’t wait to explore this journey even further. They do say no pain no gain, right? I think this will be one hell of a ride.


Joseph Wesonga trainer

Joseph is an amazing trainer and also a model. If you need a personal trainer to whip you into shape, you can contact him. To all my photographer friends looking for a kick ass model, never say I don’t do nice things for you.

Joseph Wesonga:



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  1. That part of “strong” got me really cracked up. Coz I remember those words so well. The first two days after working out with him, simple things like going to the ladies became torture , everything was total pain. The walking posture changed, when walking i tried not to bend my knees too much, like thats even possible ???? i was walking like a penguine ????. But the results were good. Took a break but planning to go back. Hey keep strong (his voice ) ???

    • I know what you mean. After day to, it took me 50 minutes to walk to the house a distance that takes anywhere between 15-25 minutes at most. He knows his stuff. I hope to see you soon. Make sure you come back.


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