Shut Up! Do Something!

Yap, yap, yapping is all I can hear,

Nothing, not a word he says seems to be clear.

I doubt he will mention why there’s sudden hike in my fare,

Or why am running and hiding in fear.

Or maybe, just maybe why before I sleep every night I must shed a tear.

For I am tired of asking questions with no one willing to respond.

Please inform me, when will my children go back to school?

When will I be able to afford basics like food?

When will I look at a cop as a protector?

Not the lazy bums interested in the coppers in my pocket.

Just like the kids on the streets who insist on calling me aunty.

Keep. Keep talking.

My time, tick, tick, toking.

My informer more interested on who and who’s slapping,

Their wealth flaunting,

Apparently they own Kenya.

My misery doesn’t seem interesting.


Mheshimiwa, why are you calling press conferences?

Only to inform me that my city is run by mafia?

My salary bit goes into yours, so you can tell me such shit?

Have you no shame?

I have noted, even if your office was run by a two year old,

My life would remain the same.

Why can’t I feel any kind of change with each era?

Increase in terror is the order of day,

You control me by instilling fear.

Creating virtue enemies so that I can run to you,

I am exhausted of waiting,

Hoping you would change,

Bring a difference, maybe.

I forgot I hold the one thing you need the most,

I can give or take that post.

When I dip my finger in that ink, I surrender.

I am changing my priorities.

Jamaneni serikal saidia, scratch that!

I am taking the first step.

This country is mine!

When I give you a job, you do it or loose it.

You are my biggest fear, it’s time I stood up to you.


Yap, yap, yapping is all we do as Kenyans, it’s time we stopped.

Understand we are part of the problem as well as the solution.

I am taking back my city,

I am taking back my country.

It’s time to SHUT UP, and do something.



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Muthoni Gitau
Hey there... I'm Muthoni - a quirky Kenyan girl with a serious love for DIYs and a (not so) slight color obsession 😉 Welcome to my world where I share my thoughts on everything I love or find interesting, live the best life I know how and always give my honest opinion!


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