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Hey loves, how is everything going on your end? I have been working extra hard to avoid the rain. You know what that means. Staying indoors.

It has been raining like crazy the last couple of days. Nairobi is flooding. That is scary. With my size and lack of swimming skills, these tiny road rivers are not something I want to give a try.

About 2 weeks ago, I made Nick help me out with a shoot because I was feeling myself. I have not been dressing up lately. It’s kind of hard to do when you are busy playing around with paint and cement. On this day, I had a meeting and so I had a chance to throw something together. The rain had not paid us a visit yet.

Look at me explaining my t-shirt and jeans.

My Style Comfort OOTD


My style changes and evolves just like everyone else’s. Comfort is what informs my style. That and of course edge. A friend once told me I love attention and that is why I am such a colorful person. Attention is not the word I would use on myself, just standing out.

I enjoy the fact that someone can pick me out in a crowd from a distance. My sense of style is just me.

This look was a simple one. Yes, I do have some complicated looks sometimes. Since the sun was on a mission to roast me alive, I needed something light. This t-shirt is very light and you can even see my bra peeking underneath.

The pants are also light. They are not denim. They are made out of a stretchy fabric and are very comfortable.

Pairing the high waisted trousers with the oversized t-shirt adds a different dimension to the look. The style is simplified but still looks chic.

The hat and boots just made the look edgier. Anyone can wear high waisted pants and a t-shirt but a personal touch is what turns anyone’s look into your personal style. The hat, boots and colorful hair do that for this look.

Comfort OOTD


My boots


Miss M.

Muthoni Gitau
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