Taking Stock Two

Where do I even start? It’s been a crazy couple of months but I feel like I have my shit figured out now.

Consistency. That is something that has been lacking in my work and I think I have ironed out all the kinks that were contributing to that. Well… I would like to think that I have. Because I do not want to go through the tides like that again.

So, just like last time when I promised I was back for good, I decided to take some stock only this time round it will be backed up with a lot more content. I honestly don’t want to be the person who just pays for a domain and hosting just to take stock. You know what I mean?


Making: a schedule that actually makes sense and looks like it just might work. I haven’t tested it yet so I guess we shall eventually find out.

Cooking: a lot of legumes lately. Well what makes it special is that Nick has kind of started liking them too and that makes me happy.

Drinking: water. Finally. I’ve always been bad at this. I’m among that group of beings that hardly ever feels dehydrated or hungry. So trust me this is a huge deal. The apps didn’t help after the first 2 or 3 days. Turns out all I needed all along was a stolen absolute vodka mason jar.
Reading: I am ashamed to say, nothing at the moment. But I will be picking up some new reads at the end of the week so you can stop judging now.


Wanting: all the cute décor pieces I fell in love with at Elysian Living so if anyone and I mean ANYONE feels like they want to gift me just for making it through January, go there and tell them Muthoni sent you. They have a list of what I want. It’s even prioritized.
Looking: forward to finishing up on a project I feel trapped in.

Playing: shape of you on repeat. Can we just take a minute to address this? I just discovered this song two days ago and I cannot get enough of it. Ed Sheeran is a talented artist and I love just how different this song is from his usual music. It is also very dance-able.
Wasting: no time. I’m here to play. I don’t promise to play fair.
Sewing: nothing. I tried to buy a cute ass mini sewing machine I saw online only to find out it was out of stock. So now I’m just searching all over the internet trying to find me one at a great rate.
Wishing: I find that mini sewing machine soon coz I have some clothes I really wanna spruce up.


Enjoying: my new machine the one I have been wishing for. It’s sleek, clean, cute af and works like a dream. The features? Amazing! That’s all I’ll say.
Wondering: if I will make a good aunt now that I’m about to become one.
Eating: krackles bang bang chilli crisps almost every day and I am honestly wondering if that’s too much. But then again, they are really good. I just got myself another bowl 🙂


Needing: 48 hours a day for the next 2 weeks since I need to engage in some beauty sleep and work for 30 hours a day. If anyone knows how I can make this happen, holla.
Smelling: rain. The skies have been turning grey like they are jealous or something.
Wearing: tights and braids. The tights are cool but I’m already bored with the braids 3 days in and I have around 10 more to go. We will survive.


Following: @s_i_m_e on instagram. He has amazing images.
Thinking: about the struggle I have decided to see through this year and I am already failing. But I shall see these though. No barber will touch this hair.
Feeling: very excited. The excitement is drawn from different aspects of my life right now. 2017 is going to be great.


Bookmarking: video copilot because I want to up my after effects game. I have become too technical in recent year and it is invigorating.


Giggling: at Ziggy licking my toes all the time. I don’t know if it’s his way of showing affection or if my toes are made of something sweet.


So yeah this is where my head is at right now. Anyone notice that I didn’t mention my Youtube at any point today? No? Okay I will shamelessly self-plug and smile because well… why not?

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