Taking Stock Five | February 2018

Is the world spinning right? I feel like we are moving faster than I can handle. FEBRUARY IS DONE! Can you believe that? We are literally 10 MONTHS away from 2019.

It may sound like a long way to go but given the rate we are going, it is around the corner.

So, my February was all about a fresh start. Redecorating the house took up most of my time. It turned out great in case you are interested. A peek into my bedroom is around the corner. Now let’s take stock and see what popped in Feb.

Making: a lot of new DIY pieces for the house. This includes art as well as storage pieces. I also managed to strike a balance between the two where I have some décor pieces that also act as storage. #Winning!

Cooking: you mean baking, right? Yes, I have been baking banana bread like Jesus is landing tomorrow and needs something to multiply. If you have some time and the means, make this banana bread and thank me later.

Drinking: mmmh, I can’t believe I am still saying this… not enough water. I know. I know. Getting a hang of it has been harder than expected. Trying as hard as I can to make it happen though. It sucks I can’t even throw in that at least I have been having a lot of smoothies. My blender jug broke and I need to replace it. HELP!

Reading: Seize the night by Dean Koontz. He is my favorite thriller writer and his stories are an emotional roller coaster.

Wanting: a 6 pack. Sounds dumb, right? Wait on it though. Once I have my 6 pack, Nairobi will not rest. I should grab one of those ‘6 pack coming soon’ tees to take to the gym.

Looking: for inspiration in weird spaces. Inspiration can come from different places, (my cats are on that list too) and I am enjoying the surprises as they come.

Playing: Bambi by Jidenna more than I should.  This song is a year old but I literally just fell in love with it the other week. You can feel him showing off his voice and that always gets me. Have I mentioned Django Jane by Janelle Monae? Dang Girl! She really got me with this one.

Wasting: no time. My nights have become shorter. Sleeping late is not a new thing in my world but I have found a way that makes it work and I don’t feel as tired as I used to.

Sewing: pillow cases. After I decided to switch up our house décor, new pillow cases were a must. My fundi made me buy excessive fabric than was needed so I ended up utilizing the rest.

Wishing: for that vacation I have been yapping about since last year. It shall happen soon. I can feel it.

Enjoying: quality time with Nick. Chilling with him has always been fun but for some random reason it feels extra special now. It must be because he’s not as caught up as he was last year and I would only see him for minutes before going to bed. Enjoying it before we both get busy again.

Wondering: about when I will start driving. I have read stories about weird trainers and I hope my experience will be different. We are planning on starting lessons sometime next month. Cross your fingers for us.

Eating: unhealthy foods. I haven’t been paying close attention to what I have been eating. The disadvantage of most quick fix meals is that they are not that healthy. Had I gone grocery shopping this month, it would have helped a great deal.

Needing: change. A change is coming and it will be affecting this platform too. Be on the lookout for that and some feedback would be cool.

Smelling: something floral. It sounds weird when I say that but it’s true. The incense sticks I have been trying out have a floral blend that is mild. It’s okay but it’s no mogra.

Wearing: my kimono sweater with literally everything. I paid 400 bob for this sweater and I felt bad because I am so used to getting my sweaters for about 100 bob. It was worth it though, right?

Following: everyone but your favorite influencer 😂😂😂 . On the real though, I have been loving School of Style. If you are interested in style or fashion, you might pick up some gems.

Thinking: more about my blog and YouTube and how to make them better. Once I figure that out, you will know it.

Feeling: optimistic. I think 2018 will be a great year. As long as polishitians keep to themselves. We’ll be good.

Bookmarking: still School of Style. Taking some online classes to up my styling game. You won’t be able to deal with me once I am done. 😉 I will be so extra, guaranteed!

Giggling: at Jackie Aina’s Fashion Nova haul. This woman is hilarious. If you are not following Jackie, you should.

That is where I am at. 2018 will be the year of consistency, can I hear an Amen! If you are checking this out after the upgrade, share your thoughts on the new look. You can comment below and don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel and my vegan blog. Your girl appreciates the love.




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