Taking Stock Four | October 2017

Well I have finally decided to do this. The problem with having more than one avenue, is that it can be overwhelming. That is what happened to me. When I first started this I did not honestly expect it to be this hard. This year has been so effed up and I honestly can’t wait for it to just come an end. It has seriously been draining just being in this country. I just can’t handle this anymore.

I feel like the last 6 months, we’ve literally been held hostage by elections. We have come this far and I guess knowing we are 2 months away from 2018 is a good enough reason to look forward to it.

Making: very weird decisions. I am still shocked by my hair every time I see myself in the mirror. This black hair though.


Cooking: a lot of things in coconut curry. I am obsessed with coconut milk/cream so much that now I have found a way to sneak it into almost any meal. I keep at this, I will be growing coconuts out of my black hair.


Drinking: smoothies a lot less. I started experimenting with different bases for my smoothies and I still haven’t found one that can replace bananas. Tofu is still one I don’t want to try but maybe I shall at some point. Probably after the courage kicks in.


Reading: I have been so swamped this month that I haven’t picked up a book for just leisure. I have been brushing up on my marketing and branding guides.


Wanting: a vacation like last year.


Looking: for someone to pay for this vacation that I really need. Yes my mpesa still works and no, you will probably not be joining me.
Playing: nothing. I stopped wearing my headphones at the gym after my trainer decided to upgrade my workout routine. It sucks that the gym plays some random music.


Wasting: veggies. It suck but it’s true. Due to my recent schedule change it’s been hard cooking every day and meal preps can only be for 2 days max because I still haven’t found a fundi to fix my fridge. I wish they had a longer shelf life.


Sewing: Nick pants. He’s been ripping his pants lately. It is not a weight thing. There’s no logical way to explain this so I will just move on.


Enjoying: all the new projects I am involved it. I have been working on several projects that will be launching very soon.


Wondering: when this year will end. It sounds weird since I do know when it will end. This year has just been that crazy. We have been here way too long.


Eating: low carb foods. Being a vegan has me eating a lot of carbs. So in search of a 6-pack, yes it’s on the way, I decided to reduce my carb intake. It has been a struggle but so far so good.


Needing: more sleep. I haven’t been sleeping well or enough but maybe if the vacation I need comes along… Just saying.


Smelling: jasmine and the rain. Nairobi has been wet and mogra has been hard to find.


Wearing: my happy pants. Most people refer to them as pajamas but since I don’t sleep in them… you get it, right?


Followingthe Mentalyst because his pictures give me so much life. If you have doubts this country is beautiful, just peep his Instagram.


Thinking: about the importance of community. It is very easy to say ‘I’ve got your back’ and a completely different thing to actually show up. We need to be a lot more present.


Feeling: numb. Tired. Angry. Disappointed. Disgusted. Sad. This country!


BookmarkingEat More Plants. I was very impressed by their site and recipes. Just started a vegan food blog that will launch before the end of the week. If you want to know how hard or easy it is to be a vegan in Kenya, I will share my experience and recipes here.


Giggling: at nothing because this country is breaking my heart.


Just like all my other posts, a shameless self plug is important. My food blog also has an Instagram account and the videos will be on my DIY YouTube channel. This channel is different from my main channel. Make sure you are subscribed to both and my usual IG is still open to love.


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