Taking Stock One | September 2016

A normal work day.

I turned 26 last month and I had a lot planned for my birthday but trusting people can bite you in the ass. 25 was not what I expected. It was a year of lessons. I intend my 26th year to work out great. One of the plans is to reinstate this blog right here. So why not start with all I’m up to.

Making: some DIY frames for my wall. I will share photos of them on my Instagram.

Cooking: lentils way too much. But hey, they rock! Does Baking count though? I do that a lot.

Drinking: green tea and loving it. Wanna know my secret?

Reading: African Violet. I should be done already but way too much is happening.

Wanting: a new laptop. Mine keeps dying on me like I’m a plague.

Looking: like I need another haircut and probably new hair colour. This one is becoming too common. I don’t do common that well.

Playing: fetch with Zoey. She might think she’s a dog. Or maybe she was in another lifetime.

Wasting: time waiting on people to do what they are supposed/expected to.

Sewing: most of the t-shirts I buy because customization is my middle name.

Wishing: for most restaurants to cater for vegans. Lord this lady can’t eat out.

Enjoying: the YouTube drama in the L.A scene.

Waiting: impatiently to get back on YouTube.

Liking: smoothie bowls like my life depends on them. The best thing you can ever have. Anyone in love with comfort food should try this out.

Wondering: if I’ll be able to make roasted potatoes for dinner.

Loving: how my work table looks. It really makes working easier.

Hoping: to start shooting next week.

Needing: people to keep their word.

Smelling: mogra incense. It’s really relaxing.

Wearing: my hoodie because we are still in July for some random reason. And no one come here with that Global warming business of yours, I don’t buy it.

Noticing: Zoey is getting fatter by the day. Sleeps too much as well.

Knowing: I really need to get started on the roasted potatoes else we will have a late dinner.

Thinking: about the background for my YouTube videos.

Feeling: anxious about when I’ll be getting back on YouTube.