Taking Stock Six | March 2018

How was March? Well, that’s a good question.  I honestly thought I had something to say until I noticed that first sentence is all I had.

Dang, March flew by huh? This year feels like it’s in a rush to get somewhere. Slowdown 2018! Take a chill pill and maybe shine a bit more sun on us while you are at it.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m stalling. So I will stop wasting time and get down to taking stock.

Making a mental note to not get my hair done at the salon again. I feel like this would make for a good story. I had a really bad experience last week and my scalp is paying for it. Trusting my gut is something I always do, I don’t know why I chose to ignore it on this day.

Cooking nothing tonight. I made a lot of food yesterday because I was expecting some guys over. Not everyone came. So Nick can have that. It’s actually a good thing given how crappy I feel right now, I doubt I would have survived that stove.

Drinking chamomile tea with the hopes it will do something for my flu. A lot of my body parts (or should I say organs? Biology was only fun during the stories) that shouldn’t be experiencing blockage, are drowning.

Reading Soweto, Under The Apricot Tree by Niq Mholongo. It has a couple of short stories and I just picked it up last week. Now I just have to finish it before Nick has to use it. It is pretty cool so far. Nick will be doing a project around it. I will share details later.

Wanting this flu to go away. It really sucks. My hope was to be a lot better today but this one has other plans. It has escalated to chest pains, super throat congestion, teary eyes and uncontrollable sneezing. So much for a passing thing.

Looking at Joey lick himself. That sounds very creepy but trust it’s not. Joey is in the mood for a fight and he has been trying to corner Ziggy all day. That is why I am keeping a close eye on him.

Playing Say Something by Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapleton at least 2 to 3 times a week. This song is really good and the video is even better. A beautiful execution that was shot in one take.

I have also been playing Available by Patoranking for anyone willing to let me. The video that is. It is such a beauty and the colors… the colors be popping!

Wasting time trying to make sure this cats don’t fight. They are really getting on my nerves.

Sewing nothing. Next!

Wishing for everything to go well and I kill VEDA (vlog every day April). I also would not mind if loads of money magically appeared in my bank account. Adulting is tiring and I need to start practicing for the life I want. Or just have the life. You know, just simple stuff. Should I do BEDA from here on? A blog post a day for the rest of the month. Let’s see.

Enjoying nothing at the moment. The homa has decided my taste buds and sense of smell should only operate like those tumaridadi things you see all over your mum’s house. They are cute but don’t really serve any purpose.

Wondering why the hell I thought of the point above. That’s not all, my neck is kidogo painful and seeing how people have been complaining of tupains here and there then kidogo kidogo sijui their spinal cord has issues. So I might need a check-up.

Eating fruits. I love my fruits but this weather makes it hard. Have you ever noticed just how cold fruits can get? Dang! They have me considering throwing them in the microwave. Maybe just a couple of seconds, nothing crazy.

Needing my health back. Homa seems like a small thing until it interferes with the easiest of things like a phone call. I might also need to wear my skin care mask but I am not really in the mood.

Smelling nothing. I think I have mentioned this a couple of times already but my nose is super blocked.

Wearing 2 sweaters and 2 pairs of socks. Like I said, this weather just doesn’t work for me. The saddest part is knowing my feet will still be freezing cold by the time I go to bed. Thank the heavens for Nick, he’s always warm.

Following no one new just chilling with my faves. Have you checked out Veon’s blog? You will really enjoy it. She writes very well and has some cool things to tell you. Try and binge on a couple of posts and you’ll get hooked.

Thinking about a lot of things at the moment. One of them being the Bake Awards that my Vegan blog just got nominated for.  You can vote for me (thiskenyanvegan.com)  if you like what you see.

Feeling less crappy despite the flu.

Bookmarking a couple of different sites reading up healthy eating and trying to understand how the human body works. I’ve learnt a couple of interesting things so far. I will share once I have a good chunk of shareable info.

Giggling at nothing. Like I said, March just passed me by. I am not sure what went down.


Well… That’s it for the month that was March nothing much happened. Or maybe nothing memorable. Hope y’all are keeping warm.



Miss M.


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