Taking Stock Three | June 2017

Sigh! Here we are again, 4 months later. I know. I screwed up. Shit was going down but best believe it’s been handled. The issues and questions I had have been answered and I have found solutions to all my issues. You better expect a lot of action over here. At least you’ll be getting some action. Aiiiiiight… Let’s do this. We are taking stock!


Making: room in my life for people willing to grow together by cutting ties with people who add no value to it.

Cooking:  less than I would like to. I have been experiencing some issues with my fridge and that has kind of put a dent in my cooking.

Drinking: unfiltered apple cider vinegar. It stings. I understand it is great for your health and helps with energy levels in the morning. I need to find a way to avoid the burn and still enjoy the benefits.

Reading: Mellysa Griffins guide to blogging. They are several courses and I have been learning a lot.

Wanting: more hats. I am feeling some type of way when I have them on. They also add a cool element to my style so I just might be stacking up on more.

Looking: forward to going back to the gym. It’s been a minute and I have been trying to work out in the house but it’s not the same.

Playing: wild thoughts by Riri. I can’t get enough of her new body though. She’s bae for life. Did you see those boobs?

Wasting: no time. Still here to play. I don’t promise to play fair.

Sewing: random things here and there. Mostly skirts. The mini sewing machine works but has its limits. It can only do a straight stitch and no variations in the stitch pattern.

Wishing: it was a bit warmer. I hate cold weather because I get sick a lot when it’s this dull.

Enjoying: my weekly photo shoots and the DIYs. I am having way too much fun and I can’t stop. I love it!

I have been enjoying these photo shoots a lot. I haven't done a taking stock post in a long while. Hope this will be fun.

Wondering: what plans my sister has now that she is a mum.

Eating: a lot of cookies. I have been baking cookies every week and I have been eating way too many. They are serving up my sweet tooth. Yes, I’m an addict.

Needing: to really work on this water intake thing. The first 2 days always go well, then it’s back to zero. I need to find a way to drink more water especially in this weather. I prefer to stay away from any cold or room temperature thangs.

Smelling: jasmine. I have been burning jasmine incense as I wait for my lavender to grow. It has been a hassle finding incense in Nairobi but finally found Nakumatt Ukay with fresh stock and I went all out.

Wearing: Nick’s hoodie. Ziggy was sleeping on my jacket and I was too lazy to go get another one from the bedroom. It’s warm and that’s all that counts.

Following: the upcoming general election like my life depends on it. Because it does.

Thinking: about what color will be going on my head next. Yes, I think a head of time. It’s only been 2 weeks with the pink and since my hair is already growing I need to figure out what’s coming next.

Feeling: effing cold! I can’t stand this weather. It’s giving me a headache.

Bookmarking: school of style. Upping my styling game in efforts to grow it.

Giggling: at nothing. I have crazy heartburn and like I said cold AF!

Did I loop in my YouTube today? Dang! I took a break from my YouTube for a while to figure out exactly what direction I wanted to take with my channel. I am very excited about the route I’m taking since it brings me so much joy. Asili also got a face lift and now it’s nothing but sunshine and oranges over there. Give it a look and share them thoughts.


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