The Other Woman

That ain't my lipstick

I am a one man woman.

And I hope you are a one woman man.

But who am I kidding?

You are a man!

A devil, Satan!

A poacher!

Everything in a skirt is your prey.

One woman man, no way.

So please do define your ways.


No man should be allowed to play around nor prey around.

Don’t make a sound

for there’s an undercover agent,

ready to uncover an agent,

something so urgent,

the so called suspects,

who accords no respect,

to his woman

nor his other woman.


See, he makes me feel special,

In every party am his girl,

his woman.

But a girlfriend says, he’s got another woman

So I think she must be the other woman,

The one I suspected to be around due to a rumour.

A flower he calls me,

But to her, he gets them delivered.

I decide to ask him, then he’s mad.

Don’t you trust me?

I end up being the bad woman.


Holding on for marriage,

Not knowing am excess baggage

and just like garbage,

I get tossed out when he wills it.

Calls it quits.

Then on my way I’ll be,

Still the other woman.