Thor Ragnarok: Hela’s Level of EXTRA is Goals!

Friday was not an easy day for me. The rain made it even worse. Nick has this project he’s working on where their makeup artist had to cancel and they asked me to help out. I was happy to. Given the week I had, I was looking forward to Friday for one reason and one reason only. Thor Ragnarok. I have been looking forward to this movie all year. The only other movie I am way more excited for is Black Panther. I don’t think I have to explain why.

So, Friday. I wake up and decide to tidy up the house just a bit. By the time I am done, Nick is ready and off we are. Even before we get there, it starts raining. The one time we forget to pack the umbrella, it pours like it has a grudge. We made it. Long story short, the rain did not want me to catch Thor.

I feel like I need to mention that I take a whole 2 hours to prepare myself for this next part to make sense. For someone who had to be at IMAX at 7pm, I was getting to the house at 6.27pm to prepare myself for the premiere of Thor Ragnarok.  My hope was that the party would start at 7pm which would mean the movie would be at around 8. I was lucky. Rushing through my get ready with me routine, I was ready to leave the house at 7.15. Yes, I am also shocked it was that fast. Hailed a cab and I was on my way. The traffic was not as crazy, well… that was at least until I got to State House road. It looked like a stare down where no one was ready to blink.

Just when I thought I was winning, Willy decides to pull a fast one. It was 7.39pm when he called claiming the movie had started. You have no idea just how freaked out I was. The cab driver hailed a boda for me to ride into town because we were clearly not going anywhere in that traffic. This was the weirdest boda boda rider ever. One, he took the long way around. Two, he wasn’t going around cars stuck in traffic he was waiting in it just like the cars. A ride that should have been about 5 minutes took 20 minutes. By the time I got to town I just knew I will be breaking my perfect streak. This was going to be the first time I would walk into the cinema after the movie had already started. That thought itself killed my mood.

It’s after 8pm as I walk into IMAX and what do I hear? A party. At least the last minutes of a party. I was so happy to be somewhere within time. As much as I was late, I have to admit I looked good (but do I say?). The movie had not started. Willy was over there talking to some random dude. The usual hi here and there went down and in a few we went in for the movie.

I shall skip over the IMAX rules and the phone ads that played before the movie. Thor is a movie I had become very much invested in this year. Promise it has nothing to do with Chris Hemsworth nor his abs. Thor was just one movie that became overly fascinating after I learnt more about the comics. Yes, I am slowly becoming that person.

Now for the movie. Thor Ragnarok is the third installation of Thor franchise under the Marvel universe. I had watched the first 2 movies back to back in efforts to be on the same page by the time November 3rd came around. I found myself reading up and watching videos about it. If you had watched the teasers and trailers I am sure you were just as excited.

The last couple of releases by the Marvel Universe have involved a generous amount of humor and this one was no different. The cinema hall was filled with laughter throughout the movie. You could have blamed it on the booze people enjoyed before settling in the cinema hall, but I found myself caught up in this communal enjoyment. While the story was just okay, the special effects! The special effects just blew me away. In line with their previous movies like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, this movie had a lot of color and the effects were very thought out. The introduction of purely comical characters like Korg voiced by Taika Waititi who also directed the movie was a nice way to break away from all the action.

Hela, played by Cate Blanchett, was my favorite character. She made me revisit my level of extra and she is now the new goals. She fully embraced the character and the special effects department came through for her. If you thought a female villain needed some men so as to make her look strong, think again. Hela was rolling solo and she single handedly caused hell on Asgard.

As with every Marvel movie, I was looking forward to Stan Lee’s cameo and as always, it was an unexpected but very cool scene. Other characters that brought their A-game included The Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum), Valkryie (Tessa Thompson) and of course Loki (Tom Hiddleston) came through like he always does. This movie did not break away from the Marvel Universe story line where the hero takes on a journey of self-discovery which happens in the third installation. Just like Tony Stark in Iron Man 3 and Peter Parker in Spiderman Homecoming, Thor has to separate himself from his hammer Mjolnir.

If you have some time, go watch this movie. Watch it with friends if you can. Check out the movie schedule on the Anga IMAX’s page to find out more on screening time and pricing.

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