Top Favorite Products & Items Under Ksh 500

Hey cuties, hope the weekend went by gracefully and you are enjoying the new week so far.


This was not exactly the post I intended to share today but then I was in the mood to kill 2 birds with one stone. After working on a video for my channel about my favorite products for under 500 shillings, I thought it a good idea to do a post too.

I hope that is okay. It will not be a long one since my hope is that you will watch the video.

Thrift shopping is a hobby I doubt I will give up any time soon. It is such a great way to get some unique pieces that look dope. My personal style was born of thrift shopping. You will notice I did not include a lot of beauty and makeup items. This is because I am very careful about the products I use on my skin.

There are some affordable options out there but I personally don’t spare when it comes to my makeup and as you may already know, I wear a lot of homemade masks.

Some of the items on this list also made into Friday Favorites Feb 2018 list and you can see I really love them. They have all made my life easier.


Cheap is not the way to describe me, I just look for the bargain that is fair to my pockets. When I am balling maybe we can have a different conversation. Until then, I will have my eye out for these cool bargains.

When it comes to thrifting, I have learnt a couple of things. Don’t be afraid to bargain. The sellers hope you won’t but they still quote a higher figure in case you do. On that note, don’t be scared to quote low even when you think something looks expensive. My rule is they won’t sell it to me if it make them suffer a loss. So enjoy that back and forth until you get the best possible price.

Many of the pieces I own, I paid less than half the price they quoted when I first asked. They will always quote high. In this case, when they go high, go low.


My boots

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