Undress Me

Undress me

Remove one piece after the other to your satisfaction

Strip me bare and turn me into a portrait to which you’d like to stare

Shred me. Shred me into pieces as my whole being threatens your masculinity

Look into my eyes

I dare you!


Breathe in my existence

Uncover every ounce of my blackness

My femininity

My pride

You were meant to watch me

Come on, satisfy your urge

I will bow.


Corrupt my being

Disintegrate every bone

Remind me I am my mother’s child

Spit in my face

Your highness.


Tear into my skin

Take in the figments of what I once was

Reduce me, reduce me

To whatever you deem fit

I will bow.



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Muthoni Gitauhttps://www.muthonigitau.com/about
Hey there... I'm Muthoni - a quirky Kenyan girl with a serious love for DIYs and a (not so) slight color obsession 😉 Welcome to my world where I share my thoughts on everything I love or find interesting, live the best life I know how and always give my honest opinion!


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