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Life is a paradox,

Every man want’s to be an ox,

No one wants to ride nor  drive a probox.

People we look upto are nothing but a hoax,

Just like the red call,

Or my friend Paul,

Who likes to play ball.

Am not talking b-ball!

It’s more of making a house call

or a booty call.

Yet scared the girl might say “nimeget ball

Man has he lost his soul,

But am not the one to make that call.


Life is toxic!

Like a Kenyan who’s talk sick,

Of politicians that are tax free

And only want to play dirty polling tricks.

While am laying in a bed full of ticks,

My neighbour is buying some new kicks,

The other receiving blows and kicks from her husband.

What have we become if I can kill my own brother and feel nothing about it,

Have sex at twelve and brag about it,

Find a guy bending and the one behind him is Steve,

Wondering if he’s gon’ smack it or grab it

Guess we are evolving huh!


Life is complicated,

Or so they say.

But the reason your life is complicated,

Is because you want to sleep around with every Tom, Dick and Mary.

Emphasis on Mary and not Harry.

Why are you being silly,

In case you forgot you still have Billy.

Sleeping around with Winnie and Willy.


Here is the thing,

Life is simple.

All you have to do, is get along with people.

If stubborn just a little.

Leave things to he who is able

For life is nothing but life.


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