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Life is complicated.

Girls trying to act sophisticated,

While in fact they need to be educated,

Some medicated.

I know I sound frustrated,

This was not intended,

It just happened.


Sneaking in like a serpent,

The guy prepares to hunt.

I don’t live in a convent,

That tells you what I want,

What I meant,

The night I spent, doing some experiment.

Oops! Sorry I did mean to say that.

They say I have an over active imagination,

I am trying to find a solution,

But truth is, I do like my current condition.



1,2,3 A,B,C

No it’s not that easy.

It’s more of being busy,

Less of being choosy.


Begging for sex,

Hooking up with an ex

What a mess!!

Girls making their faces a canvas,

Just to impress.

During the night all so perfect.

The morning after, someone so different.

A new face,

A new age,

A new life.

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