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Happy new month!
The year is almost over at this point and I am so happy to see you here. It is my hope that you are doing well and enjoying every single day.

This is not going to be those ‘where I’ve been’ posts… (Look at the relief on your face lol) we have already done way too many of those. We’ll just pretend I’ve not been missing, hug it out and move on. Cool?

If you remember, on my 2019 Plans post, I had talked about us having the desire to move house. Well, we finally did it. This might actually be the one time in my life I’ve had some form of resolution that I accomplished. Yaaaaay me J

Resolution or not, we moved!!!

I am so happy to be in our new spot. The last place wasn’t exactly my favorite for one major reason. The memories. I had a lot of bad moments there and a coat of paint didn’t erase them.

Now let’s talk about moving.

Moving is an extreme sport!

We started the search for a new house in July with the hopes of finding a good spot early on. We checked out all the usual online sites, those tunahama Facebook pages and most of the houses we came across were disappointing.

Kwanza kitchens!

Me I don’t know which mrogi rogaad the guys who design kitchens in this our Nairobi houses but I’m sure that nigga is dead because, waaaah!

The kitchens were hella disappointing.

Like, how do you take your good money, get your materials in place, decided sijui you want to build a house that has 4 bedrooms plus office space, make sure the bedrooms, bathrooms and living room spaces make sense only to turn the kitchen into a kibanda with a slight budget?

Like, shida yako ni nini?

We came across so many houses with this very problem.

At one point we came across a house that we felt was worth moving to only to be disappointed by their “Vegetarians Only” code.  We called a kamkutano amongst ourselves and decided Nick can eat nyama elsewhere.

Ole wetu… Kumbe it was code. When I made the call, I was informed that the AD they had placed on a public site was only meant for those in the Asian community. I was shocked, to say the least.

At the last possible minute we had 3 potential houses and the last one we saw was it. We loved it so much we paid immediately and moved in like 2 days later. You can check out what it looks like in the video below.

It’s nice to have you back.


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