Why Demonize Make-up?

I have listened to a million and one poems talking about make-up like it’s a demon that has possessed women and we can’t live without it. I have heard numerous times people saying how much they love ladies who are all natural from head to toe.  I have witnessed same people drool over Vera Sidika saying how she can geerrit and she can be bae while she has nothing real about her, maybe just her money. Hypocrites!
Same people who wonder what’s wrong with my hair if it’s unkempt and ask if nimesota… that’s natural prick! They tell me how good I look with the flawless liner and my awesome lipstick, you should see them drool over it. Dude you should practice what you preach and FYI, I don’t look good in makeup, I make makeup look good on me, have you not seen ghost heads on human bodies walking in town? They scare me. Have you not seen me without make up?

Model: Brianna Roberts

So, sorry to disappoint, I don’t use make up co cover up scars or self-esteem issues, I can handle me just fine. I don’t wear make up to get your attention, please… I wear make-up coz I want to, and if you have a problem with it solve it, people solve their own problems. You can always walk the other way when you see me coming. I am not ashamed of how I look because if anything I accentuate it. I will not apologize for wearing make-up neither feel guilty about it. I am fine on the days I wear it and days I decide not to.

I have 3 tattoos, and I got all of them on the same day. One after the other after the other we can all agree that my threshold for pain is somewhat high! I wear lipstick and I don’t mean that light, nude stuff y’all are on, no!
I’m talking, black, velvet red, popping red, dark purple and vampire maroon or burgundy or whatever y’all call it. It has become a brand. Msooh without bold lipstick, is me with no make-up.
My eyeliner is always on fleek, you can Google that shit. Just kidding. If one more person gives me grief about wearing make-up or looking good it yet turn around and start ogling at people walking the street. To women who insist that other women wearing make-up is because they have issues, ever thought maybe it’s because they can afford it or are willing to spend on it. You don’t need to put someone down for you to feel good about yourself.

Accept that people like what they like and you will probably not like it, so what? Stop demonizing make-up it’s annoying and uncalled for. I get that some of you are concerned that people look different without make up. Unless this is your girlfriend that you have never seen without make-up and have issues with deal with it with her, stop projecting it to every other person that wears make up. And if your concern is that they will look ugly without make-up, then maybe you are just superficial. Go look for someone willing to show you how they look without make-up before you decide to date or commit to them. I wish you luck.

Next time you see me be sure my lipstick will be on fleek and everything else. Until then. You can read a book.


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  1. I know that lady in the photo. Also, I personally do not demonize make-up. I just haven’t used it enough to be good at it, but I make attempts. When I absolutely must have make-up on, I just let someone who knows what they’re doing put it on me. But if there’s one thing I’ve come to realize, it’s that there really are no rules. As long as you like the way you look and feel in make-up, what other people tell you shouldn’t even begin to matter.

    • She is a friend… I like that and more people need o understand that demonizing make-up doesn’t help… I have a channel where I will be sharing my make-up tips and tricks… I am not that great but I try


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