Win-Lose Situation

Stop at nothing when need be,

Stop at nothing cause you believe you need me.

Push me to my limits,

For I may need some kind of lifting,

As I apparently need ‘help’.

Lost hope in a game I don’t want play,

Holding on to straws to sustain,

Forgetting I’m obese.

Sense loses all meaning in desperation,

Sensation and intuition lead me down a broken lane.

Now I’ve got something to say and you had better pay attention,

He does deserve his dues.


I’ve never been anyone’s favourite,

Maybe because I’m not STL,

Or it could be that I’m never right,

Or maybe, just maybe you’re always wrong,

It is possible you know.

I’ve never been considered ‘normal’.

Might be due to the fact that I’m above normal,

Where the -ove is silent, abnormal.

I have never really fit it,

Makes sense given I always think outside the box,

Beyond the box,

Wait, there is no box.

I have never been considered the right girl,

That could be because I’m a tomboy,

So it’s all good.

I have never been considered funny,

But I am certain that is because I’m not a joke.


I’ll never drive get you high

In case you haven’t noticed I’m really short.

I’ll never be on point,

Darling, this here is a whole number.

I’ll never turn you on,

Because even as we speak you’re already off.

So yes, we do not belong together

But I’m not Mariah, so It shouldn’t matter.


Experts try to say things,

All meaningless to my current situation.

A battle within myself.

I’m not sure which side will win,

Which side will lose.

Which may mean, a win-lose situation.

A win lose situation,

A being loose situation,

A bringing blues situation,

I’m being whose situation?

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Muthoni Gitau
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